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Research Methods For Ramada Hotel Essay

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Ramada and Exercises
Bus 642- Business Research Methods & Tools
[ November 15, 2012 ]
Dr. Jennifer Zhong

Facts collected through survey are almost accurate, are more likely to be closer to accuracy than observations’ because data is collected. Observation defines content, method, observes target, trains observers, collect data and analyze whereas in surveys, researchers prepare questions for data collection.
The ethical risks involved in observation could be less detailed observation that may not be a true representation of the research and when used it becomes not of a true survey.
Observation based data can be used to correct or address punctuality/attendance and workplace violence.
Communication is more powerful with observation. Observation is a true basis for communication to be more effective.
Nonverbal is most ...view middle of the document...

In the case of the Ramada hotel, the applicants were invited for interview, they were given characteristic questions to answer, they were given enough time to study and answer questions that eventually exposed their characteristics or behavior.
Secondary data helped to expose the applicant’s characteristics in the pre-employment stage and also helped with existing employees to train them for the change that company was working towards-A change from the old way to the new of being the ‘Personal Best’ .
The process of self-administered test as the predictive test was given to the applicants used as an index to expose the applicant’s character.
Research decisions made were to have employees-trainees have self-pace learning, more flexible hiring practices which will eventually lead to hiring more people. Existing employees should be rewarded with small items of motivation at a time. Suggestions are may be movie tickets, lunch vouchers etc. as these make it easier and easily more attainable than waiting to accumulate more time for bigger rewards. So these come more often. High employee involvement, training approach that involve fun are all winners to employees.
The face-face sampling method was used. It was because according to Pigsley, “To bring about change in corporate culture and mindset would take more than employees checking off boxes on a piece of paper.” (Cooper & Schindler 2011) So twenty four researchers were sent to visit about 31,000 employees of Ramada’s 900 properties, within a six months period.

Cooper, D.R. and Schindler, P.S. (2011). Business research methods (11th ed.). New York : McGraw-Hill Irwin.

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