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Research Methodology Research And Design Essay

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Assignment after class 6
Research design and research strategies: overview and distinctive features
Problem of safety on construction sites
For the safety on construction sites: The degree to which the research question has been crystallized: Exploratory study. It is just a study to gain insights on the topic.
The method of data-collection: Monitoring or interrogation/communication, It really depends on how they want to approach the situation. I think the method of interrogation and communication is the best, as the workers on the site probably know best where the dangers are to the safety on the construction site.
The power of the researcher to influence the variables under ...view middle of the document...

This way the participant will use his regular routines and these routines actually define (part of) the safety hazard.
Own research topic: alternative sources of financing for SME’s
The degree to which the research question has been crystallized: formal study. We already know a lot about the topic and there have been countless international studies on which we can fall back. We can use the formal approach for this study.
The method of data-collection: archival sources and perhaps interrogation. The best way to answer the research question would be by collecting hard data from the various databases that contain financial reports of Belgian SME’s. For more soft data we could question a few managers and/or CEO’s of SME’s and ask them what their take is on alternative sources of financing and what their intentions and considerations are.
The power of the researcher to influence the variables under study: ex post facto. The facts have to have taken place first. We base our study on financial reports, which contain data describing the past, therefore it is post facto.
The purpose of the study: predictive and causal. One side it can be predictive, for example: what kind of sources of financing are interesting for and most widely used by SME’s , what is that particular kind of SME most likely to use as sources of financing? On the other side it can be causal, we would like to explain what are the considerations of a company for choosing a particular kind of financing. What drives certain SME’s to use or not use supplier’s credit?
The time dimension: ?
The topical scope – breadth and depth – of the study: Either side it could be casewise, or a statistical study by samples. Census would be nearly impossible and/or very cost ineffective, or we would have to limit the scope of our research to SME’s that are obliged by law to publish their financial reports. Personally I think both a case-wise approach and a statistical sample approach would best fit our research study. The case-wise approach would allow to gain insight in a particular kind of SME’s, while the statistical approach would allow to (with enough evidence) derive causal and predictive connections with the variables.
The research environment: It is impossible to simulate this or study this in a laboratory, so the only remaining option is the field setting. I think that the field setting has to be seen in the broadest sense of the word, since you’re not actually in the field but you are using data from various databases which could be seen as ‘the field where the action takes place’.
For the construction site study
Experiment: this approach could be used to see whether the removal of equipment lying around the site would lower the amount of accidents on that site. This way we manipulate the independent variable. But while doing this we must hold all the other variables constant, which is a hard thing to do. The data that comes forth from this experiment can be used to predict the...

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