Research Methodology Assignment : Dummy Plan

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A Dummy Plan by:- Aditya S. Biswas
No: 2009003
Submitted to:- Prof. Prasanna Salvi

Situation Analysis
Belief was launched in 1987 as an independent Market research fieldwork agency specializing in conducting high quality fieldwork for consumer, institutional, & rural research on a nation wide scale. It wanted to test whether it was employing the technique of using surveys correctly. It was wanted to find out ways in making this tool more effective in getting accurate responses. Research done by it was used by several firms, which were involved in various fields. It felt its sharpening of its tools can be beneficial to its clients as ...view middle of the document...

A sample size of 50 will be chosen.

Data collection technique

The data will be collected in a survey by filling up a Questionnaire from 50 selected respondents. Both quantitative (survey) and qualitative (field research) would be used in this research.

Tool of data collection
Survey (by filling up questionnaire)

Dummy plan
The questionnaire would be developed on the basis of this dummy plan. Firstly, it is important to know whether the consumer sample has ever answered a survey. If the answer is negative, then the dialogue would be terminated & if the respondent responds positively he/she would be handed over the questionnaire.

The first question would be to determine the familiarity of the respondents with surveys.

Q1. How many such Surveys have u filled so far?

1-3 | |
4-6 | |
7-9 | |
10+ | |

This question would assist in finding out the average experience of respondents in filling such surveys. Then would be to find the way they approach it.

Q2. Do You Feel surveys are Useful?
Yes | |
No | |

The above question would determine the average perception of people towards surveys while answering them.

Q3.How often do you answer questions honestly in them?
* Never
* Sometimes.
* Quite Often.
* Always.

This would let us know how many people feel they answer their questions honestly. Then we need to find out what could be the reasons for this and how can it be avoided.

Q4. What type of question would you be most likely to not answer honestly?

Personal | |
Financial | |
Political | |
General | |
This would...

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