Research Methodology Essay

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UNIT-1: Introduction
Q1. What do you mean by research? Explain its significance in modern times.
Q2. Explain difference between research method and research methodology
Q3. “A research scholar has to work as a judge and derive the truth and not as a pleader
who is only eager to prove his case in favour of his plaintiff.” Discuss the statement
pointing out the objectives of research.
Q4. Briefly describe the different steps involved in a research process.
Q5. Explain the criteria of a good research.
Q6. “Research is much concerned with proper fact finding, analysis and evaluation.” Do
you agree with this statement? Give reason in support of your ...view middle of the document...


Explain and illustrate the following research design:
two group simple randomized design
Latin square design
Simple factorial design
Experimental design

Q8. What are the major purposes for which descriptive research is conducted?
Q9. List the step involved in implementing the posttest-only control group design.
Describe the design symbolically.
Q10. What are the limitations of Latin square design?
Q11. “For any research to be successful it must be well designed.” Justify this

UNIT-3: Sampling Methods
Q1. What do you mean by sample design? What points should be taken into
consideration by a researcher in developing a sample design for this research project.
Q2. How would you differentiate between simple random sampling and complex random
Q3. Why probability sampling is generally preferred in comparison to non probability
Q4. Explain the procedure of selecting a sample random sampling..
Q5. Distinguish between:
a. Restricted and unrestricted sampling
b. Convenience and purposive sampling
c. Systematic and stratified sampling
d. Cluster and area sampling
Q6. Under what circumstances stratified random sampling design is considered
appropriate? How would you select such sample? Explain with the help of an example.
Q7. Under what circumstances you recommend:
a. A probability sample
b. A non-probability sample
c. A cluster sample
Q8. “A systematic bias results from error in sampling procedure.” What do you mean by
such a systematic bias? Describe the important causes responsible for such a bias.
Q9. What is the major difference between a sample and a census?
Q10. Under what condition would a sample be preferable to a census? A census
preferable to a sample?
Q11. What is a sampling unit? How is it different from the population element?
Q12. Describe the sampling design process.
Q13. How should the target population be defined?
Q14. Highlight various methods used in selecting a sample from the population. Point out
their merits and demerits.

Q15. . "Random sampling owes its importance to the fact that we can assess the results
obtained from it in terms of probabilities otherwise the reliability of the estimates remains
a matter of individual opinion." Elucidate this Statement.
Q16. . "A sample may be large yet worthless because it is not random; or it may be
random but unreliable because it is small." Comment upon the above statement and
explain the importance of sampling in daily life.
Q17. What is the least expensive and least time consuming of all sampling techniques?
What are the major limitations of this technique?
Q18. Explain the difference between judgmental and convenience sampling.
Q19. What is the relationship between quota and judgmental sampling?
Q20. Explain the characteristics of a good sample design.
Q21. Write short note on following:
a. Need of sampling
b. Sampling frame
Q22. Define the appropriate target population and...

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