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Research Hm Essay

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Emerging Issues in Human Resource Management

Organizational growth and excellence is driven by strategic and effective human resource management (HRM). The start of the global economy has brought awareness that the only permanent competitive advantage is an organization’s ability to effectively exploit human resources. HRM has become a significant factor in the management for organizational success.
While there are many emerging HRM issues, there is one particular area that I found to be most concerning. Thomas Singleton, the Human Resources Director at Lifespan Corporate Services assisted me by proclaiming that, “…as globalization and the information age continue to advance, ...view middle of the document...

Company’s pension plans and retirement benefits for aging people are affected by the governmental policies. Due to globalization this has become an extremely significant and difficult challenge for human resource managers. “Research on managing the aging workforce is still in its infancy. HRM, especially, is challenged to develop and implement appropriate instruments, strategies and methods not only to cope with the aging workforce but also to benefit from elderly employees. In this sense, HRM has to support both the organization as well as the individuals. Strategies and measures that can be performed by organizations in order to prevent competence obsolescence and knowledge management initiatives to prevent a loss of valuable experience when experts retire are only a few of numerous questions relating to managing the aging workforce” (International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management, 2006).

This slippery slope continues farther to the issue of managing change and cultural transformation. Globalization and technological changes have been extremely challenging for older working people. Within organizations this has created conflicts between the older employees and their management teams and ultimately is affecting the culture of the organization. Therefore, the ability for human resource to effectively monitor change management is imperative to the success of any organization and is an important emerging issue that human resource managers need to focus on. Change management and transformation in any organization is a necessary skill for all human resource professionals to obtain. The ability to leverage on people dynamics and organizational systems for planning, executing, and coordinating change-direction and human capital control at all the stages of change is crucial for the livelihood of any organization.

Globalization has substantially increased the introduction of new technology. Stephanie Wilson, the Information Technology Director at Lifespan Corporate Services, explained to me in detail the current issues and the future importance of managing globalization and technology advancements efficiently and effectively. She explained that the introduction of new technology into the organization, “…has led to the re-organization of production systems and methods of work”. She further clarified exactly what the re-organization of production systems and methods of work entailed. The reduction of narrow job classifications and segregation lines between managers and workers, skills enhancement needed to perform jobs with a broader range of tasks, increasing areas for worker involvement in the conception, execution and control of work, a greater focus on workplace relations and policies and practices conducive to better motivation and performance such as information-sharing and two-way communication. These responses have increased the necessity for employers to make more investments in skills training, to offer...

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