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Research Format Essay

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Department of Science and Technology Philippine Council for Health Research and Development

DOST- IX Compound, Capt. F. Marcos St. cor. Gen. Alvarez St. Pettit Barracks, Zamboanga City 7000

Part I Procedural Documents: these include individual pages containing the cover sheet, Standard Application Form for Ethics Review (SAFER), clearances, endorsement from the agency head, and the curriculum vitae. There should be no pagination on these documents as they are meant to stand-alone. Cover sheet – Please use a separate sheet. This contains the following information: 1. 2. 3. 4. Revision date and number ...view middle of the document...




a. Name b. Position/Academic Rank c. Address d. Telephone / Fax / Mobile / e-mail Program/Project Title (The title is the distinctive name given to the research proposal (program/project), which describes the work

4. 5. 6.

scope in specific, clear, and concise terms. A program is a group of inter-related R and D projects requiring an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach to meet established goal(s) within a specific period. A project on the other hand is a basic unit in the investigation of a specific R and D problem to accomplish predetermined objectives within a specific period.)

Planned date of start Project duration Summary of Ethical concerns (This should contain the risk-benefit analysis in detail)

Clearances – Technical Review Board Clearance – should come from the implementing agency’s Research Center. In the absence of an Institutional Research Center, a letter of endorsement from the Institutional head/College Dean/Immediate head is required. C. Ethical/biosafety clearance – Ethical clearance from the agency’s Institutional/College-level Ethics Review Committee (IERC/CERC) accredited by ZCHRD-ERC is required for researches involving the use of human subjects. In the absence of the IERC, the implementing agency may send a letter seeking for ethical clearance enclosed with their research proposal for ethical review to ZCHRD. A technical/ethical clearance is required prior to review of the proposal by the funding agencies. Likewise, biosafety clearance is required to ensure that all studies dealing with genetic engineering and pathogenic organisms in the Philippines are conducted under reasonably safe conditions. If the implementing agency has no built-in Institutional Biosafety Committee, then the proposal could be submitted for review by the DOST’s National Committee on Biosafety of the Philippines. Endorsement from the agency head – This is indicative of the support of the implementing agency to the research project in terms of use of facilities and equipment, and assistance in undertaking the project. Curriculum vitae – This portion provides relevant information regarding the author(s) research capability.

D. E.

Page |2

Backgrounder: This includes the table of contents, research abstract (Introduction), objectives, significance of the proposal, end-users/target beneficiaries, expected output/s, program/project duration, conceptual design, variables to be investigated. This is in the light of a thorough literature review and intended to explain the proposal in brief. Margins: Font style: Font Size: Font size within Tables and text boxes: Spacing: Alignment: Indentation 1” on all sides Arial, Arial Narrow 12

Part II

10 1.15 within and between paragraphs JUSTIFIED 0.5” Include line numbers (see Detailed guide in writing research proposals) This setting is to be used in the entire proposal. Subheadings should be indented 0.5 from the heading and in bold for emphasis subheadings of a...

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