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Research Essay

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What is marketing? Including a short discussion of: (a) Why marketing is an important function within organisations; (b) The core concept of marketing; (c) The major marketing activities of an organisation.

In our daily life, it is easy to see that tradesmen sell simple and tangible goods such as soap and shampoo, as well as luxury product such as LV handbags. Where there is a transaction, there is a marketing. Many people think of marketing only as selling and advertising, while selling and advertising are only the tip of the marketing iceberg. In general, working in services such as hairdressing, airlines, hospitality, or even education can also be considered as a marketing. Since ...view middle of the document...

247). In consideration of the function, it is argued that marketing is the management function which focuses on customer relationships by delivering superior value and keep the organisation’s ongoing relationships with customers (Webster, 1992). All these definition above demonstrate the goal of marketing which is to attract new customers by promising superior value, and to keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction.

Marketing today is very much focused upon business relationships, especially in the competitive markets. Historically, companies manufacture products that would be promoted to customers. However, as markets have become more competitive, marketing companies seek to attract customer by building strong relationships so that customers can retained, this is the basis for relationship marketing. Ketler and Armstrong (2010) maintain the importance of customer relationship has led to an interest in relationship marketing, proactively creating, developing and maintaining committed, interactive and profitable exchanges with selected customers. A customer loyalty programme is a marketing practice designed to build and keep a loyal customer-company relationship by offering rewards to its customers in return for their business with the company (Bolton, 2000 as cited in Ha, & Stoel, 2008). Ha and Stoel (2008) suggest “A successful loyalty programme produces benefits for customers such as economic, psychological, and social rewards and for the company such as customer attitudinal and behavioural loyalty, due to the interpersonal and relationship based nature of the retail business, building a strong customer connection is a particularly critical issue by marketing “(p. 216). However, it seems that not every customer wants a relationship with an organisation. For example, people who buy something on impulse typically has neither the time nor the interest to form the relationship with companies. Thus, organisation needs to apply appropriate levels of customer relationship management in different circumstances.

The role marketing plays in boost product awareness is also very important. The world well-known companies, such as KFC, Coca Cola and Nike, should owe their success to the well-organized marketing to a large extent. In today ’ s fiercely competitive world, marketing plays an important role in business, it is an effective way to build brands, create product awareness, promote corporate values and make corporate social responsibility, and community involvement (Papasolomou, Kitchen, 2011). Connon (1998) suggested that advertising and sales promotion are the most obvious aspects of marketing effort to raise product awareness. Advertising enter consumers’ home through media like television, radio and newspaper, while promotional activities are frequently related to the act of purchase, meeting shoppers in the outlet or influencing the people’s buying behavior. All of these are in the purpose of drawing the potential buyers’...

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