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Research England Essay

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Project aims and Objectives
This proposal is aimed at providing ways of developing the Major three ‘three’ places which stands of Inspired facilities, Iconic Facilities, and the Protecting Playing Field representing Sports England.
The objectives are to be achieved through various strategies depending on each place and the through the market research. The following methods are to be used to develop the above objectives(McLeish, 2011, pg44-65)
1. Event management
2. Opinion pieces
3. Feature articles
4. Journalist briefing
5. Email newsletters
6. Press release
7. Press conference
8. Interviews and editorial contributions

Project Deliverables
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The following factors must be managed with great care as a way of maintaining positive image of the corporate development in every organisation. They include:
* Contribution in local communities (Corporate Social Responsibility)
* Integrity level in relation to practices of the business
* Revenues earned and performance of business
* Services and product quality of an organization
* Fairness and stability of the employer or employers
* Extent of openness and integrity
The last time the UK held a world cup was in the year 1966 and they have been bidding to hold the 2018 Football World Cup. In 1966 the UK was well known as the home of football when they lifted the world cup infront of all their host after beating Germany 4-2 in finals at the Wembley stadium.
I believe every British would love to see the world cup being hosted into their land and at the same time lift the Trophy again as a way of appreciating their development in football. Its believed that the 21st world cup would be held into the home land of football.this dream is not yet achieved as there have been more than 5 bidders who are also the strongest candidates and they includes the USA, Australia, Russia, Spain and Netherlands. The London important even t Britan has ever hosted was the Olympic 2012 in 50 years (Green, 2008, pp. 62-78).

Chapter 02- Literature Review
For the last 20 years the area of sports has been of consistently discussed as the main agenda on the sports policy. Despite the British government focuses on the inadequacies of the sports governing bodies,the key agencies has strongly been criticed by the national government and the politics. This because the council of sports has been coverin England and this has led to the criticism for at least 7years within the last twenty years.this may lead to the sport council was prompted due to the return of the London 2012(Jordan, 2011,pg23-25)
The most popular past time events in the UK has been sports and this includes both the spectators and the athletes as the selection of sport is so great.hiking is rated the most popular sports among the men and women, folloed by fishing ,swimming. The greatest and the most successful was the 2012 Olympic as it was the most sporting, where cultural and the social interactions was highly experienced. The Paralympics was given a priority than ever beforehand this made UK famous as it awakened the world of the paralympic sports in the society and they also broke record in many categories than ever before. Winning of medals at home was the main reason why most of the participants trained hard and participated fully.
The most popular sports in the UK is football, followed by cricket and then rugby and most of the fans in the uk are so much into t heir support of the teams such that they dedicate most of their time and committment into the sport. The common upcoming sports are the surfing, hockey, snowboard and the material art.they...

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