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Research Design Essay

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Chapter 5



1. General Mills conducted research on a "new, improved" version of their cereal, TRIX. Consumer taste tests showed the new version was preferred over the old TRIX, but the new version was a failure when it was introduced. It was noted that the research was flawed in that the new version of TRIX was compared with the old TRIX, a choice that consumers in the marketplace would not have. The correct research should have compared the new TRIX with competitor brands. This example was presented in your text to illustrate:
a. poor budgeting for research
b. how researchers in large firms are in "silos" and ...view middle of the document...

a list from which sample elements are drawn from the sample, which contains all of the elements in the population being studied
e. a set of advance decisions that are made after the data have been collected in order to determine how the data will be analyzed.

Answer: (a) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 116

4. Which of the following best illustrates the significance of research design?
a. Because research designs may be "matched" to different kinds of problems, the research design may serve as a blueprint for the researcher.
b. Because all research problems are different, research designs are applicable only in an academic setting; they cannot be used in the real world.
c. Because research designs are like blueprints, they are most helpful during data analysis.
d. Research designs are used after studies are completed and are used to make improvements in future research studies.
e. All of the above are true.

Answer: (a) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 116

5. The various types of research design include:
a. exploratory, exploitive, and competitive
b. deductive, descriptive, and exploitive
c. exploratory, causal, and competitive
d. causal, experimental, and exhaustive
e. exploratory, descriptive, and causal

Answer: (e) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 116

6. Which of the following is an objective of research?
a. to gain background information
b. to describe marketing phenomena
c. to determine causality
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 117

7. If the research objective is to gain background information, it is likely that the most appropriate research design would be:
a. exploitive
b. exhaustive
c. exploratory
d. deductive
e. causal

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 117

8. Which of the following is most true about research designs?
a. They follow one another in a step-by-step fashion.
b. It may be that only exploitive research design is appropriate for a given project.
c. Exploitive designs must always follow competitive designs.
d. All designs should include at least some exhaustive research.
e. None of the above is true.

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 117

9. What type of research is unstructured and informal?
a. deductive
b. exploratory
c. causal
d. exploitive
e. exhaustive

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 117

10. In which of the following situations should exploratory research be used?
a. to measure the relationships among variables
b. to test hypotheses
c. to define terms
d. in situations in which all of the concepts are clearly defined and measured
e. to determine how variable x causes variable y

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 119

11. Which of the following is NOT a...

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