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Research Critique, Part 1 Essay

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Research Critique, Part 1
Grand Canyon University: NRS-433V
April 03, 2016

Research Critique, Part 1
While reading a research article, it is important to be able to critique the article properly. A thorough critique would enable the reader to make an educated opinion with regards to the scientific study. In this paper, a research article about urinary catheter removal after surgery will be critiqued. The problem statement, purpose and research questions, literature review and conceptual/theoretical framework will be reviewed.
Problem Statement
Catheterization is a frequently part of care for various surgical procedures. The study confirmed that patients lacked knowledge in ...view middle of the document...

For example, some participants, were not knowledgeable of the idea that they could have preferred the removal of the catheter earlier enough to avoid risk of acquiring infection. This was regardless of the pain they were to experience during urination and how far the toilets were located. One of the participants was under the impression that the necessity for catheterization was not considered extensively during the surgery preparation; he believed that it was an important procedure and needed to be taken seriously.
For this reason, the staff members should ensure the information about catheterization is available to the patients before the onset of the surgery so that after the surgery patients were not to be emotionally affected. The significance of this study came to pass when most of the participants after being interview revealed their suffering was caused by lack of information about catheters. Some of the statements given by some participants revealed that most of the patients were mostly affected by lack of information (Bhardwaj, et al., 2012). Most were anxious on the removal because they thought it could involve another surgery and for this reason they got distressed. Four participants experienced symptoms of urinary infections after catheter removal; they felt a strange sensation of burning after urination. Due to these reasons, this study was very significant. It targeted on exploring patient’s beliefs and perceptions regarding peri-operative urinary catheterization and related patient’s beliefs on future practices.
Purpose and research questions
The studies mostly targeted the control of CAUTI infection among surgical patients. It was also to provide sufficient information about catheterization to the patients. The biggest aim of the study was to be able to answer a few questions. Was the uncertainty triggered by lack of information? How much knowledge did patients have on catheter insertion? Did patients have knowledge in the process of catheter removal and environmental impact? What were patient’s recommendations about catheter removal? What were the concerns and perceptions surrounding patient autonomy? The study was all about urinary infection resulting from delayed removal of catheters and most of the entire question were trying to find a solution of the problem statement thus, for this reason the purpose of the research question was relative to the research problem.
Literature Review
Most of the participants involved in the study lacked knowledge on how and when to remove the catheter. The quantitative methods used in the study of the research question were appropriate because it helped in analyzing the findings of the study. Upon analyzing the author’s citation of the study it was realized that the study was significant to both the quantitative and qualitative citation. Most of the references were recent, three to four years in...

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