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Research Case Study On Breadtalk

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Background Introduction of Breadtalk
Breadtalk Group Limited is a Singapore based food & beverage organization which is founded in the year 2000. Currently the company’s global staff strength is 6,000 employees over 17 countries in Asia and the Middle East. Breadtalk has businesses which include bakery, restaurants, food atriums and fast-foods. Some of the brand portfolio includes breadtalk, toast box, food republic, ramen play etc (Breadtalk Group Limited 2012).

Question 1
Corporate Social Responsibility
There are many different definitions to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The CSR in Asia differs in many ways from the CSR in the Western countries (Williams ...view middle of the document...

2011). The two key areas that indirectly influence team performance are social responsibility and economic sustainability. An example of social responsibility is bringing work-life balance and personal development to employees. This in-turn increases the team self-esteem which will indirectly increase team performance in their work area. An example of economic sustainability is business ethics and corporate governance. Ensuring that the organisation prevents any violation of the law increases the brand image and reputation of the organisation which will increase the employees trust and confidence in the organisation.

In conclusion, CSR not only influence and affect the organisational behaviour of the employees in breadtalk. It also increases the brand reputation and competitive advantage to the competitors. Today, CSR do play an important role in the society.

Question 2
Importance of Understanding Cultural Differences
Understanding the cultural differences is important to the business managers as breadtalk is a globalization company with operations around the world which result in communication across cultures. Culture is defined as the inherited values, concepts, and ways of living which are shared by people of the same social group (Kawar, 2012).

The culture varies differently across different countries and organizations. Culture is divided into multi level model which includes global culture, national culture, organizational culture and group culture (Leung et al. 2005). Researcher, Geert Hofstede studied workers and managers in sixty countries and developed the five dimensions of national culture, explaining the differences of the culture in each country. The five dimensions include power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, masculinity and long term - short term orientation (Wood et al. 2010).

With a vast diversity in the company around the globe, the business managers of breadtalk have to ensure that in the organisation, the differences are resolved and understood because different culture of the employees will bring forth different behaviours, values and expectations (Day 2007). Understanding the cultural differences also enhances the way the managers behave and communicate with the team and thus bring benefits such as trust between team members, sharing ideas with an open mindset and willingness to accept and discuss the idea.

The Australian Culture
Using Hofstede’s five dimensions of culture, Australia has a national culture of high individualism, low power-distance culture, risk adverse culture, somewhat gender egalitarian and are future orientated (Ashkanasy 2008).

Australian culture is enriched with different cultural diversity in the country. Australia is diverse country with seven million people migrated to Australia. Today, 20% of Australians are foreign born and more than 44% are of mixed cultural origin (West and Murphy 2007). This is reflected in the Australian’s food culture which...

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