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Research And Evaluation: Weather Phenomenon Essay

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The weatherman on the National Weather Channel is predicting 12 inches of snow for Grand Rapids, Michigan. He said it is going to be cold and the residents should be prepared for a long day. The “lake effect” is moving in and is expected to move south east causing heavy snowfall for the surrounding areas. As he is doing his weather report, but gets to Pennsylvania. In his report, he is predicting that Middletown, Pennsylvania will see a dusting of snow, one inch at the most.What is the weather phenomenon known as the “lake effect” and why does it effect Grand Rapids, Michigan differently than it effect Middletown, Pennsylvania? Lake effect snow is caused by the ...view middle of the document...

These severe snow falls have been termed snow bursts. (islandnet website)The southern and eastern sides of the Great Lakes are famous for the huge amounts of snow fall. Lake effect snow storms have significant economic impact. Michigan’s three major economic activities, industry, recreation, and agriculture suffer considerable impact. These snow storms account for countless lost work and school days. They create large expenditures for snow removal and create hazardous driving conditions.There are seven unique snowbelts associated with the five Great Lakes. The snowbelt of interest to this paper is the Southeastern Lake Erie Snowbelt. The Southeastern Lake Erie Snowbelt includes parts of New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. (islandnet website) If Pennsylvania is, in fact, included in this snowbelt, why is central Pennsylvania not experiencing the large snowfalls that Grand Rapids, Michigan is recording? One possible cause is that environmentalists have been monitoring the climate changes in Pennsylvania. The current, most reliable projections of Pennsylvania climate change include historical data, as well as, general...

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