Research And Design Methodology Essay

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Research and Design Methodology Essay

In the subject of lifespan and development, there are several different theories and methods of research. Three designs for studying development are longitudinal, cross sectional and sequential designs. Each of them has strengths and limitations. Scientists interested in human growth and development require information about the way research participants change over time. They must extend correlational and experimental approaches to include measurements at different ages to answer questions about development. Longitudinal and cross sectional designs are special developmental research strategies. In each, age comparisons form ...view middle of the document...

Cross sectional design can be described as groups of people differing in age are studied at the same point in time. It is an efficient strategy for describing age related trends. Participants are only measured once. Problems with cross sectional research are that is does not provide evidence about development at the level at which it actually occurs: the individual. (Berk 36.) Like longitudinal they are both affected by cohort effects.
There are improvements to developmental design. Researchers have devised ways of building on the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses of longitudinal and cross sectional approaches. (Berk 36.) One of the modified designs that resulted is sequential design. In this study they conduct several similar cross sectional or longitudinal studies at varying times. This is proven to have two advantages. They can find out if cohort effects are operating by comparing participants of the same age who were born in different years. Also they can make longitudinal and cross sectional comparisons. If the outcomes are...

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