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Research And Case Studies Essay

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It can help us prioritize, arrange and perform tasks effectively. Imagine doing something without a plan. Definitely, you will never know where and how to start.

What Is Time Management
Your Basic Guide To Understanding Time Management

Chapter 1:
The Basics On Time Management

You have to understand that time management skill is not something you can acquire from school. It can be acquired through constant practice of what you have learned about mastering your own time and doing it effectively.


The Basics

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of time management. No matter how smart you are and how well you know about the tasks that you are working on, you cannot do it effectively right on time if you are also good in postponing things. Remember, the bridge that connects your goal to its destination is Action. You have to act effectively on things with proper time management. Here are ways to start organizing your thoughts, information and action. Identify the most important task and put it in your priority list. It will help you have an easy start with your tasks. Once you have identified and sorted your tasks according to its importance you can go ahead and create proper scheduling. You may want to use organizers or mobile phone application where you can list down your tasks and update them in real time. It can also help you avoid forgetting some details that can possibly cause minor to major problems when left undone. Finally, know when you are at your most productive time. It is on those times of the day when you are in your best condition to start and finish your job. Take time to rest at least six to eight hours daily to balance your activity. It can help you have a clear mind and steady energy to perform your activities in the days ahead.


Chapter 2:
The Basics On Project Management

Before we discuss deeper about project management, let me explain the concept of time. Time is characterized by series of non-stop changes. Since it is running constantly, we will not know what will happen next unless we plan ahead and aim to perform things exactly how we intend to do it.


Identify Your Project
Project management involves proper timing. If you are selected to manage a project, you have to be ready to plan, organize, act and achieve specific objectives to accomplish a successful project. But how exactly are you going to ensure high chances of achieving a successful project? Below are the basic ideas on project management. To be able to get started properly, you have to identify your project scope. Know why you are doing the project and what are you supposed to achieve at the end of the task. You also need to identify the objectives of the project you will be working on in order for you to know the steps included to finish the project. Develop a plan and determine your actual resources. Since you already know the scope of your project, you can clearly define how much money...

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