Reread The Management Focus On Procter & Gamble, And Then Answer The Following: What Strategy Was Procter & Gamble Pursuing When It First Entered Foreign Markets In The Period Up Until The 1980s? Why Do You Think This

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What strategy was Procter & Gamble pursuing when it first entered foreign markets in the period up until the 1980s?
In the year Procter & Gamble 1915 has opened the plant in Canada for producing Ivory Soap & Crisco. In year 1970 Procter & Gamble has entered Japan & rest of the Asian Nations. Procter & Gamble has entered the nation through acquiring the established competitor as well as their brands. That is case of the Great Britain as well as Japan. Organization has developed the newer products in the Cincinnati & then relied on the semiautonomous foreign subsidiaries towards manufacturing the market & distributing those products in separate nations. In initial 20th century, P&G continued ...view middle of the document...

Products produced in any country should not be economically sold in other because towards higher tariff duties levied on the imports to the Germany. Including customers takes time that slows down the process. Risky in fact, including the customers takes time that slows down the process. Through eliminating the manufacturing plants as well as loss of assets that can be of the value in future. Building the global brands in various countries means the compliance among its rules & regulations. Technology has been always changing. Technology has been unpredictable therefore predicted result may not be totally relied on.
What strategy does P&G appear to be moving toward? What are the benefits of this strategy? What are the potential risks associated with it?
Organization has shut down thirty manufacturing plants towards concentrating on these remaining so that they have been able for attaining economies of the scale in its respected region (CISCO Success Stories, Cutomer Profile: Procter & Gamble, 2012). Tore up, traditional company had been dependent on the countries as well as regions to depending on seven self contained global units. Every unit had been instructed towards rationalising the...

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