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Request For Proposal Essay

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Assessment of the Opportunity to Introduce Fingerprint Scanning Identification Technology at Associated Bank
Request for Proposal in Assistance in the Project

Your Nam
Your Nams

A Research Proposal Submitted to
in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
for the Course in Project Procurement

Your College
Letter of Transmittal

This research report was submitted by Your Nam and Your Nams under the direction of the instructor listed below. It was submitted to Your College and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course in Project Procurement.

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Once the acceptance was determined, we then needed to find assistance in implementing such a project (see Assumptions and Agreements).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction 1
Nature of the Problem 1
Background and Significance of the Problem 2
Research Questions 2
Definition of Terms 3

Chapter 2: Review of the Related Literature 6
Introduction 6
Business Research Methods 6
Fingerprint Scanning Technology 6
Summary 6

Chapter 3: Methodology 8
Methodology 8
Procedures 8
Assumptions 9
Limitations 9
Implications for the Improvements of Business Practice 9

Chapter 4: Results 11
Introduction 11
Research Results 11
Summary of the Findings 12

Chapter 5: Discussion 13
Elaboration of Results 13
Implications for the Improvement of Business Practice 13
Limitations 13
Recommendations for Future Research 14
Conclusion 14
Assumptions and Agreement…………………………………………………………….15

References 16-17

A Survey 18-20

1 Concerns with Fingerprint Scanning Technology 21

A Acceptance of Fingerprint Technology by Gender and Age 22
B Awareness of F.P. Tech 23
C Concerns with Fingerprint Scanning 24
D Willing to Pay for Fingerprint Service 25

Chapter 1: Introduction
This request for proposal is to find program analysts, and technology consultants to help implement fingerprint identification at Associated Bank. The following information will give you a history as well as what Associated Bank is looking for in the project fulfillment.
What if there was a system in place that required a fingerprint before allowing a teller or banker to finish transactions involving withdrawals from customer’s accounts? Would fingerprint identification (ID) relieve the hassle of asking for photo ID or a second form of ID at financial institutions? Would customers feel treated equally? Would they feel that their privacy is being invaded? Fingerprint ID is used in many different industries, including banking. US Bank has a fingerprint ID system using a non-staining inkpad. This research project addresses the need for fingerprint scanning technology at Associated Bank to reduce the need for photo identification.
Nature of the Problem
The researchers who work at Associated Bank have observed that approximately 4 out of 10 customers wanting to cash a check or make a withdrawal do not have a proper photo ID or they refuse to show their ID when asked. A large number of customers, especially long-term customers, expect that once they have visited a certain banking branch a number of times that every teller should recognize them and not require seeing any photo ID. For the most part, when anyone calls a customer service number, they expect to be asked security questions for identification purposes. With today’s security and fraud issues, a know-your-customer policy is standard in many banks dealing with customers face-to-face...

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