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Reporting Practice And Ethics Paper

836 words - 4 pages

Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper
Cherelle Decarmo
Keith Parker

Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper
In any health care setting financial and ethical reporting is important to have a successful organization. Health care providers need to understand how effective financial management strategies. The paper will address financial reporting practices containing ethical standers in health care finance. Also, it will include a summary of acceptable practices and general financial ethical standards.
There are four elements of financial management, this includes,” planning, controlling, organizing and directing, and decision making.” (Health care Finance, p.5.2011) ...view middle of the document...

People who smoke have a greater chance of dyeing that a younger age nonsmokers. For employees pension cost were an average of $296 less than each employee who smoked. The estimated cost came out to $5,816 per year it cost employers. Here in the U.S 19 percent of adults smoke. People who smoke have a higher risk of lung diseases, heart and cancer. Some companies have started to either not higher them or have higher premiums. ( June 2014)
Financial professionals has an effect on the reputation to do this its vital for business to show the following; appropriate confidentiality, integrity, and following laws and regulations. (
Five executives of a health care finance company were convicted in a $1.9 billion to defrauded invertors. ( This happened at the National Century Financial Enterprises one of the largest health care financing firm. The company’s executives were convicted for conspiracy to wire and security fraud. Hospitals and nursing homes sold their accounts were getting 80 or 90 cents on the dollar instead of waiting for insurance payments. ( Company executives had authorized millions of unsecured loans and misled investors. Unsecured loans caused shortfalls, which caused theses executives to move the money and cover it up.
Back in 2011, $2.27 trillion had been spent on health care and four billion insurance claims had been processed here in the US. According to the National Health Care Anti- Fraud Association stated that financial losses that are due to health care fraud are in the ten of billion of dollars...

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