Report On The Religious Life Of Planet Earth

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Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth

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REL212 – World Religions

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Assume you are from another planet and have been sent to Earth to determine if it is a religious planet or not (something very important to your people). Your superiors are expecting a report back from you. This report will discuss the criteria you will employ to determine if people on earth are religious — in other words, what does religion look like. It will also describe three (3) examples of behaviors or beliefs you ...view middle of the document...

For example, one of the primary religions of Earth is a religion called Christianity. This religion is based upon the belief that their God sent his son Jesus Christ to live the life of a human, and to suffer for the sins of humankind, and in as such, absolved those that believe in him that they will have life everlasting in heaven upon their death. However, as stated by Obe (2007), there are over 34,000 separate Christian groups identified in the world. Over half of them are independent churches that are not interested in linking with the big denominations (pg. 18).” This large disparity within this particular religion is a great example how diverse the religious beliefs are within this planet. Although there are vast variances between the major religions, a common truth remains. That common denominator that links all religions to one another is the overall belief in a better life, or state of being, one that will allow the follower the opportunity to make the world a better place. This belief, while not statically displayed by all
Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth  4 persons that follow a religion, shows through as the face of religion on Earth. This is a very diverse showing of individuality, yet commonality in faith in a higher power, either within oneself, or though spiritual conviction.
Aligned with this diversity are behaviors or beliefs that help to identify the people that have been touched one or more of the Earth’s religious influences. These people erect monuments or shrines to show their devotion to their God. This devotion can be evidenced in large, ornate, statues of their deities. These statues can also be small, minimalistic renderings that allow the believer to display a reverence for their god. These people believe that these displays can provide and individual or group protection, healing, or serenity.
Another method in which the people of Earth commune with their God is through the use of rituals. A ritual, as described by Fisher (2011), is a “repeated, patterned religious act (pg. 545).” An example of one such ritual would be the reception of communion in the Catholic faith. Catholicism is a subset of the...

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