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Report On Nabil Bank

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The internship program has been designed by Tribhuvan University for the partial fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) for the specialization course of Banking and Finance. According to the designed pattern of this program, students need to complete internship for the period of eight weeks. This internship session is only undertaken in the eighth semester of BBA to get the practical knowledge of the organizational procedures and work behavior. The basic purpose of an internship is to view the different procedures and requirement of all departments of the organization and also to analyze their strengths, ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, it relates the theoretical knowledge with practical one so as to develop intern’s skill on problem solving, communication, decision making and build up confidence, etc. The specific objectives of the internship are as follows:

• To familiarize with day to day activities carried out at customer service department.
• To learn about the different types of customer accounts and the terms & conditions associated with them.
• To know the procedure related to debit cards, internet banking, account opening, etc. at customer service department of the bank.
• To understand the credit granting procedures at loan department of NABIL Bank Limited.

The methodology of this internship report consist the organization selection, placement, duration of internship, and activities done during internship period. These methodologies are explained as:

Being the student of BBA with area of specialization in Banking and Finance, my first preference for conducting internship was for financial institution, and among several other financial institutions, I decided to choose a commercial bank for my internship. Therefore, I first visited the bank and submitted my curriculum-vitae with college recommendation letter at the Human Resources Department (HRD) of NABIL Bank. A few days later, I received a call informing that I had been selected as an intern in NABIL Bank.

The human resource department of the bank placed me at different departments: Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) & Micro-finance (MF) at credit department and Customer Service Department of the bank.

In order to complete my eight week internship period, I started my internship program from 28th of March to 23rd of May 2011. I devoted six week periods at SME & MF division of credit department and two week periods at customer service department of the bank. The Table 1 presents the time period worked at different departments during internship period.

Table 1: Departments worked during the internship
|1 |SME & MF Division |6 weeks |
|2 |Customer Service Department |2 weeks |

During the eight week internship period, I performed many activities at many divisions of the bank. In the credit department, my focus was to observe the credit files of the customers, preparing the sanction letter and then preparing relevant documents of the customers seeking for loans. Regarding the customer service department, I spent two week periods where the major activities were to opening and closing of accounts, issuance of ATM card...

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