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Report On Employment Issues

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Report on the employment issues relating to female workers in Singapore.

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Initiatives introduced at National Level


Initiatives introduced at Organisational Level










INTRODUCTIONWomen in Singapore have made great strides over the last decade. They are now better educated. More are climbing up the corporate ladder, in both public and private sectors. However, we cannot ...view middle of the document...

This survey findings indicated reasons holding the women back from joining the workforce.This include lack of suitable jobs near their homes, lack of part-time working arrangements and lack of required qualifications or skills. Other factors include significant proportion of the females did not know where to look for jobs and had problems adjusting to working life possibly due to a lack of confidence after a long absence from the workplace and others.The survey reveals the need to use a comprehensive approach encompassing flexible working options, training, innovative recruitment and job matching service, and support in childcare to attract women to join the workforce.Following the survey results, many respondents were willing to offer ideas on ways to encourage and help women rejoin the workforce.However, not much was actually done until the recent years where more prominent initiatives were introduced by government.The National Tripartite Advisory Panel (NTAP) was formed in May 2004 as a platform to facilitate the development of family-friendly workplaces in Singapore, and to also recommend measures to facilitate the development of family friendly practices at the workplace and a set of Guidelines on Family Friendly Workplace Practices is issued to develop Family Friendly Workplaces in August 2004. Extension of maternity leave benefits was introduced in October 2004. Eligible female employees receive statutory paid maternity leave of 12 weeks, including 4 weeks that can be taken on a flexible basis within 6 months from the child's birth.For the first two confinements, the government funds the ninth to 12th week, though payment is capped at S$10,000 (including CPF contribution) per confinements, the government funds the full 12 weeks, capped at S$30,000 (including CPF contributions) per confinement. At the same time, child care leave of 2 days was also legislated.The longer maternity leave helps mothers stay with their newborn babies at the time when their children need them most. And with their children's needs being taken care of, they will return to work with better peace of mind and this should result in higher productivity and affectively at work.The above measures seeks to encourage woman to return to the workforce with the funding portion lessen the burden on the employers.This implementation indicates that Singapore's maternity leave measures up relatively well with those of other Asian countries, but a mother's return to the workforce could actually be more dependent on more flexible employment solutions than statutory rights.We recognize that while extended maternity leave is important to the females, the availability of flexible employment solutions is also a key factor in their decision on whether to return to the workforce. And these should be aimed at achieving work-life harmony to promote good family relationships.Government also actively encourages employers to introduce work-life programmes to support employees with family...

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