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Report On Drink Driving And Driver Fatigue; Statistics, Current Laws, Risks/Hazards And Costs (Mental, Physical And Financial)

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Drink driving can be defined as the act of operating a motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol (ethanol) or other drugs. Not only is it very dangerous, but it is illegal too. Just because you’ve had a drink or two and aren’t drunk, doesn’t mean that you aren’t affected or will soon be affected by alcohol. Alcohol, being a depressant, does many things to the body such as slowing the brain down, reducing judgment ability, greater confidence causing you to take larger risks, makes it harder to multi-task and also makes you fatigued.NSW state laws have certain limits on the BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration). For learner drivers, provisional 1 drivers and provisional 2 ...view middle of the document...

For example, did you know that:§18% of fatal crashes in NSW are cause by drink driving?§90% of all drink drivers in fatal crashes are men?§¼ of drink drivers in fatal crashes are aged 30-39 years of age?§30% of crashes related to drink driving occur as the week is coming to an end?Driver FatigueDriver fatigue can be simply explained in two words. Tired driving. It is simply driving whilst you are tired. You will be able to tell if you are tired by noticing and acting early at the signs of yawning, tired/sore eyes, slow reaction speeds, making fewer and larger steering corrections, missing road signs, having difficulty with precision of driving and also having microsleeps. This is a short sleep, which only lasts a couple of seconds.There are certain laws, which commercial drivers must obey or else they will get punished. These laws state that the drivers must have rest satisfactory breaks and be medically fit if they need to drive over long distances.Just like drink driving, there are also many risks, which a person takes when they drive while fatigued. These are risks such as crashing, missing an important road sign, driving dangerously and the main one, having a microsleep. If you were to have a microsleep, you could crash into an oncoming car, crash into the back of another car or end up off the road and crash.The...

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