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Report On City Bank Limitd

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In this chapter we tried to describe the origin of the report, objective of the report, scope and limitations of the report.

Origin of The Report:

The BBA Program under the department of finance offers a course named “Law & Practice of Banking” which requires submitting a report on a specific topic determined by the course instructor. The report under the headline “A comprehensive Analysis of City Bank Limited” has been prepared towards the purpose.

Objective of The Report:

There are several objectives to conduct the study which are:
* To provide an overall information on City Bank Limited.
* To analyze the financial statement of City Bank Limited.
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It makes us hurry to prepare the report.

| |
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Company Overview
City Bank is one of the oldest private Commercial Banks operating in Bangladesh. It is a top bank among the oldest five Commercial Banks in the country which started their operations in 1983. The Bank started its journey on 27th March 1983.  It was the visionary entrepreneurship of around 13 local businessmen who braved the immense uncertainties and risks with courage and zeal that made the establishment & forward march of the bank possible. Those sponsor directors commenced the journey with only Taka 3.4 crore worth of Capital, which now is a respectable Taka 330.77 crore as capital & reserve.
City Bank is among the very few local banks which do not follow the traditional, decentralized, geographically managed, branch based business or profit model. Instead the bank manages its business and operation vertically from the head office through 5 distinct Units namely
I. Business Unit
II. Branch Banking
III. Risk Unit
IV. Operations Unit
V. Support
The bank currently has 90 online branches and 1 SME service centers and 11 SME/Agri branch spread across the length & breadth of the country that include a full fledged Islami Banking branch. Besides these traditional delivery points, the bank is also very active in the alternative delivery area. It currently has 189 ATMs of its own; and ATM sharing arrangement with a partner bank that has more than 550 ATMs in place; SMS Banking; Interest Banking and so on. It already started its Customer Call Center operation. The bank has a plan to end the current year with 200 own ATMs. 

The Financial Supermarket with a Winning Culture Offering Enjoyable Experiences

* Offer wide array of products and services that differentiate and excite all customer segments * Be the “Employer of choice” by offering an environment where people excel and leaders are created * Continuously challenge processes and platforms to enhance effectiveness and efficiency * Promote innovation and automation with a view to guaranteeing and enhancing excellence in service * Ensure respect for community, good governance and compliance in everything we do |
Goals and objectives of The City Bank Limited * -------------------------------------------------
To build up strong pillar of capital. * -------------------------------------------------
To promote trade, commerce and industry. * -------------------------------------------------
To discover strategies for achieving systematic growth. * -------------------------------------------------
To improve and broaden the range of product and services. * -------------------------------------------------
To develop human resource by increasing employment opportunities. * -------------------------------------------------
To enhance asset of shareholders. * -------------------------------------------------
To offer standard...

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