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Report On Boost Energy Drink

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1.0 Introduction

Now a day the culture of consuming energy drink is not only for the western people but also for all over the world. The huge popularity of energy drink brands all over the world is instance. Bangladesh is a developing country. There are different companies who produce local energy drink. There is lots of energy drinks available in Bangladesh like as, Tiger, Red Horse, Speed, Shark, etc. All of these brands are approved by BSTI. But there are some international brands marketed by different companies. Some of them are Red-Bull, BOOST, BAKKAS, 3 Horses, etc. All of these brands are approved by Nuclear Power Commission of Bangladesh (National Nutrition ...view middle of the document...

1.2 Objective of the study
Broad objective- The broad objective of this study is to find out the advertising impact on brand preference toward energy drink.

Specific objectives-
* To find out the factors influencing customers brand choice
* To find out the advertisements impact on customers brand choice.
* To find out the most effective medium of advertisements to the customers.
* To find out the customers preference towards the energy drink advertisements.
* To find out whether there is any relationship between customers brand choice and favorite celebrity.
1.3 Company background of EMS international in Bangladesh
EMS International is an operated business, and has been growing since it began in 2005. It started supplying operations on 22 February 2005 with an authorized capital of Tk. 50 million. With an unrivalled commitment to quality, EMS International supplying Energy drinks, Rice, Toys, Commercial and Domestic Furniture’s, Timbers, the finest commodities and ingredients to the most demanding customers in the UK and Bangladesh. Company’s wide range of products is supplied to various sectors of the market in worldwide. EMS International personally source and/or select only the finest products from reliable suppliers around the world. All our suppliers have unique selling points and innovative methods to ensure their products are supplier in such a competitive market.
By persevering with its mission, it will expand EMS International into an internationally recognized icon. It will achieve this by establishing leaders in all continents and have a viable presence in all major market places.

* High quality products supply at best price available.
* Satisfactory customer service.
* Introducing new products in local market.
* Attract and retain high quality human resources.
* Support social benefit organizations.

The ultimate goal of EMS International is to develop a local market of foreign products. They want to available the international brands in our country, where the people purchase these products at reasonable price.

Product List
The list of EMS International supplied products -
BOOST energy drink |
Golden Country cornflakes |
Golden Country oil |
Golden Country butter |
Super Hum heavy duty battery |
Golden Country rice |
Starflower Home perfume |

Organ gram

Managing Director
Director of Accounts & Finance
Operations Officer level
Managerial level
Director of HRM
Executive officer level
Marketing Director
Fig: Organ gram of EMS International.


1.4 Literature review
Energy drink: Data from Wikipedia, An energy drink is a type of beverage which is purported to boost mental or physical...

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