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Replacement Technology Essay

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The short-term future of mobile phones seems to be quite interesting. We are bound to see mobile phones evolve into indispensable multi-utility devices. Your cell phone’s functionality will soon go beyond the PDA, digital camera or music player roles that it serves today. In the future, it will also become your wallet, credit card, car key, home doorway key, or a personal remote control for multiple appliances. It could well be your personal identity as well. However, the long-term future of mobile phones is even more interesting. Eventually, there will be no mobile phones. Allow me to explain with this story.

Saturation Point
With the current silicon-based manufacturing technology for ...view middle of the document...

Another research area is biological computing. Scientists in Japan have already succeeded in encoding 100 bits of information onto a bacterium. All this clearly means that we are constantly moving towards more efficient forms of technology.

Leaving these aside for a minute, let us look at another area of research in today’s scenario which is undoubtedly regarded as the most dangerous game mankind is playing with itself: Cybernetics. A cyborg, or cybernetic organism, is a living being whose perception and interaction with its surroundings has been significantly changed (read improved) due to some implant(s) in his/her body. Bizarre as it may appear to one’s wildest imagination, the future will inevitably be a world inhabited with cyborgs.

Programmable bodies
Artists create ugly-looking pictures of cyborgs with cables and wires hanging all around their heads and bodies; one eye replaced by a weird-looking camera, a ear replaced with a weird-looking aerial, a whole arm replaced by a robotic one that houses all kinds of screwdrivers and drill-machines. In fact, the whole person looks like the rear panel of an average desktop cabinet. It is here that the imagination of our present-day seers goes wrong. Recall the replacement technologies discussed earlier in this article. By the time cybernetics and cyborgs are expected to become common, research in quantum and biological computing will have evolved to a stage where companies will start using electrons and biological cells for storing information. This means people might not necessarily have to be implanted with ugly electronic and mechanical devices after all; they might just need to be...

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