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Replacement Plan Essay

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Replacement Plan
Question # 1
What does replacement planning means and its demand in organizations?
Having the best people is the right strategy for success but a better plan is needed to replace them if they suddenly leave in condition which is more critical. Replacement planning is the process of replacing shot term or long term planning so that organizations have required employee for their case of emergency. (Rothwell, 2011)
Replacement Planning is a knee-jerk approach to employees that involves identifying replacements for key positions typically at the senior levels of the organization. Little focused development occurs for the descendant and it is commonly assumed that the ...view middle of the document...

(Cannon, 2011)
In replacement planning employees are often regarded as backups for the existing employees. Promotions are not promised in the replacement planning rather they are only used for the short or long period of time for the sake of continuity of the organizations. While in the succession planning it mainly focuses on a pool of people who are considered for promotions, incentives and a talent management. This pool of individuals is created for attracting and deploying management for the best continuity of organization.
Aims and objectives of both planning are different from one another. Succession planning does not focuses on making backups from departments rather it focuses on needs and demands of organization and on the other end replacement planning majorly focuses on the backups and to provide best individual in the short or long term.
All talent in succession planning are pooled in the talent pool and thus defined as the pool of individuals having talent and are considered as promotable. Scope of the replacement planning may be an issue as replacement on the key position is not easy. It is the biggest decision to replace a key management as it was being on the position of making decision. The replaced one may not necessarily make such good decisions as the previous one.
Question # 3
Why is replacement planning needed?
Organizational leaders need to think about align their employee and staff with the organization’s need and objectives. If they do not take an effective action to establish an effective replacing planning and program then they are likely to fall in casualty or drastic problems. This is the major dilemma in which people are partial to pick people like themselves. Organizational leaders must take steps to determine how many and what competencies are needed for the future so that the replacement plans can made and the prospective individual can help the organization to realize its strategic objectives. There is no doubt that replacement planning is an important part of a comprehensive risk management program. It is not enough to plan for the loss of data finances equipment or facilities. Organizational leaders must also plan for the loss of key people. (Rothwell, 2007)
Question # 4
How does replacement planning come in to the best practice?
Implementing a replacement is not difficult as it follows some steps and successfully applies in replacing. It follows basically twelve steps to finishing.
In the first step management commitment is to gain to initiate the replacing efforts. Collect the queries from the management and then start to initiate the steps. Then illuminate the queries by management. Ways to approach this is to begin the examination from top level of the organization and then suggest the short and long term executives. Some organizations do not limit the replacement planning to the corporate level rather they use the replacement policy to all the hierarchy within their organization.
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