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Rephrasing The Hyena Culture (The Pakistani Perspective)

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Rephrasing Hyena Culture (The Pakistani Perspective)
By Lt Col ® Tariq Mahmood Butt, TI(M)
The Hyena is a vaguely sturdy build, high shoulders, and long muscular limbs. It has a large head, broad, rounded ears. The Hyena is parasitic and borders on laziness. Being unproductive, doesn't use its brain, thus its capability to think and cultivate honest ways of survival is barely negligible. Of the three species of hyena, none is found in our beloved country, as in their usual self but we do have their replicas in human skin generously spread all over Pakistan, with large concentrations in the headship encampment.

With intelligent hunting skills, the Hyenas surround a toothless old hyena at ...view middle of the document...

The National Corruption Perception Survey 2009 (NCPS 2009) indicates that the overall Corruption in 2002 has increased from Rs 45 Billion to Rs 195 Billion in 2009. Police and Power maintained their ranking as the top two most corrupt sectors.

Our Great Quaid and old chiefdoms made relentless efforts and our predecessors(men,women and children) shed a lot of blood for independence and creating Pakistan. On their departure, the sincere and loyalist left a big carcass that we literally refer to as government. Employing the hyena strategy and armed with axes and machetes, the elites have been fighting over the carcass left for over 63 years now. No time has been spent by Pakistanis on sharpening hunting tools and moving deep into the forest to get their own animals. They have all taken up the hyena instinct of scavenging what is left behind and what the so called friends still feed them.

The most horrifying part is that a  young breed of hyenas is springing up and learning the art of circling old ones for another meat-grabbing spree! The crime rate has soared as unemployed youth and elderly seek unconventional means to hunt for riches. The outlook is not promising when one considers the fact that Pakistani youth are sinking deeper in the menace of  modernism in the name of so called "enlightened moderation". It is opined that cultural invasion is much more dangerous than a religious inveigh. Being trapped in material pleasures, the DVD madness and  openly devoting songs to sweet hearts on media was not meant to be and cannot be envisaged in moderation, not in this country ,definitetly not in our religion or culture.

As political elites fight for spoils in government, the future of our nation is on the verge of total collapse with no where to go imagine what would happen if the majority of the young begging for a place in society got hold of loaded AK-47s and machetes, what would be the result? As if to add fuel to the fire, companies are being taxed to help run expensive programmes, forcing them to lay off another team of professionals. The mix is a time-bomb! In an already troubled and terrorist threatened atmosphere

Faced with a financial crisis and economic slowdown, countries that command 85 per cent of global economic output keep on coming up with  strategies to safeguard their interests. To paraphrase US, EU, World Bank and the policies of their cronies are the real threats facing Pakistan. Not a single penny was given as...

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