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Biofuel |
Hydro-Power |
Solar-Power |
Wind-Power |
Hybrid Systems |
Tradable Renewables |
| overview |
The White Paper on Renewable Energy (2003) [PDF, 2.28MB] has set a target of 10 000GWh of energy to be produced from renewable energy sources (mainly from biomass, wind, solar and small-scale hydro) by 2013.

Following Cabinet approval of the White Paper, the DoE proceeded with the development of its renewable energy strategy. The implementation plan of the various technologies was identified in a macroeconomic study undertaken in 2003.

The White Paper's target of 10 000GWh renewable energy contribution to final energy consumption by 2013 was ...view middle of the document...

These technologies include:
.Sugar-cane bagasse (the fibre that comes from crushing the sugar cane) for cogeneration;
.Landfill gas extraction;
.Mini-hydroelectric schemes;
.Commercial and domestic solar water heaters;

These technologies are to be deployed in the first phase of the target period, from 2005 to 2007. The Department has introduced nominal, once-off capital subsidies to assist project developers in implementing economically sound projects that are readily financed by financial institutions. |
objective |
The vision of the Department of Energy (DoE) is to make adequate and affordable energy available to developing communities through a mix of providing alternative energy resources at a reasonable cost. The aim is to satisfy the basic needs of the developing sector and at the same time promote the effective utilisation of South Africa's vast alternative energy sources. |
monitoring & evaluation |
To monitor progress towards the White Paper's target of producing 10 000GWh of energy from renewable energy sources by 2013, a Monitoring and Evaluation project has been set up.

Every year the DoE...

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