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Renaissance Sports And European Competition Essay

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Along with the rebirth of Greco-Roman culture came a fresh emphasis on education. Europeans during the Renaissance suddenly found educational ideals thrust upon them within society. Education had become a main focus of almost every aspect of European culture. The new values of Renaissance eduction brought about a want of society to better itself and gain new morals. Also, new educational reforms gave way to increased knowledge of the individual. In addition, important professions now required more of an educational background, and education grew a deeper role in religion.
The spirit of the Renaissance and educational ideas made the average person in society want to better themselves by ...view middle of the document...

Juan Luis Vives, a statesman and historian supported the education of women in his book The Instruction of a Christian Woman, written in 1530. It was his belief that women needed to be educated from a reliable source. And what more reliable a source than the Bible? Although he was an advocate of allowing women to be educated, he was still condescending by limiting their education to the bible alone instead of proper schools and institutions that men attended. Throughout Europe, people were constantly supporting new morals and attempting to better themselves through education.
This educational movement additionally had some more obvious effects such as simply increasing the knowledge and skill of the European people. 1511 marks the year when Erasmus wrote his book, On the Art of Learning. Within this book, he stressed the importance of scholars being educated with practical knowledge. He urged that with the studying of classical literature must come the knowledge of how to apply it in society. This would make every community a more educated and efficient place to live. The essay written by Michel de Montaigne called “Of Presumption” from 1578-1580 mocks the current educational system that it in place in France. Montaigne points out that if classic works are only chosen to be taught by their use of the Latin and Greek languages, then all scholars will get out of their schooling is a mindless jumble of grammar and vocabulary. However, to truly educate the students, classic works that are taught should be chosen based on the soundness of the opinions and facts within the literature. By using this technique for education, the youth would be more educated. In the late sixteenth century, Anne Higginson wrote a letter to Lady Ferrers of Tamworth Castle informatively recommending a teacher for women. This teacher teaches women a variety of skills that include reading, writing, and dancing, among others. This is a display of the rise of women's rights because here a woman is not just being taught the Bible, but other skills that a man learns too. By Higginson recommending this teacher, another woman will be able to be educated and make a stand for women in society. In 1622, an English schoolmaster named John Brinsley extensively criticized the English school system in his book A Consolation for our Grammar Schools. He disdainfully explains that it is not enough to simply learn topics. These learned topics must be then applied to society, but how to do this was not currently being taught by schools. He also points out that because of this, going to universities is only a waste of time and money on the student's part. John Amos Comenius was an educational reformer that wrote A Reformation of Schools in 1642. Here, Comenius encourages primary and secondary schools to start preparing students for the real world at a young age. He believes that this time is currently wasted and that men do not truly gain practical knowledge until they reach universities....

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