Remote Access Attacks Essay

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1. Analyze the Quick Finance Company Network Diagram and describe the assumptions you will need to make in order to identify vulnerabilities and recommend mitigation techniques as there is no further information from this company. The company does not wish to release any security related information per company policy.

Vulnerability is the intersection of three elements: a system susceptibility or flaw, attacker access to the flaw, and attacker capability to exploit the flaw (U.S. Airforce) therefore my assumptions on the network diagram shows that there are vulnerabilities that may exist as a weakness in the automated systems, security procedures, administrative controls, and /or ...view middle of the document...

3. Evaluate and describe the vulnerabilities of the Quick Finance Company’s network based on the network design.

The vulnerabilities of the system will probably arise with Dos attacks compromising services provided by the VPN server, the 3-Cisco IDS sensors IDS monitor and the 2-file servers with the UNIX system, there could also exist spyware, software bugs and OS flaws not to mention more physical connections, privileges, ports, protocols, and services and each time there are accessible they increase (Risk Management Insight) vulnerability of the network system .

4. Rank the top three (3) most likely network-based attacks in the order they are likely to occur and suggest countermeasures for each.

The top three (3) most likely network-based attacks in the order they are likely to occur and countermeasures for each are;
a) Attacks launched by trusted (inside)users are the most common cause of damage to networks and these attacks can be perpetuated (Saadat) by an unintentional inside attacker where the network damage is done by inside individuals who have no real intent of causing harm to the network, but who manage to cause significant damage by their acts an example is an individual who open a suspicious internal email or memo (attachment) exposing the whole network as well as organization to a virus attack the countermeasure of this form of attack is to give staff proper security awareness training and install appropriate malware, antivirus software in user systems.

b) Attacks launched by experienced hackers who are generally well versed in writing various types of code, they have substantial expertise in TCP/IP protocol suite and deep knowledge of operating systems, where they conduct attacks after doing research on the company’s network, they often conduct corporate espionage, a counter measure is to install intrusion detection software.

c) Attacks launched by inexperienced hackers where they get scripts that launch attacks at the click of a button use various tools to start a DoS attack to discover the...

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