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In the movie of Remember the Titans, development is the key aspect of the story. The change that takes place in the Virginia suburban was the integration of black and white people. This change affected the whole community, school as well as the students in the football team. We as organizational development consultants job was to oversee the change that happened in this community and to manage this change to help the people that are going through this change.

Firstly it is important to know what is meant by organizational development. It is a planned process of developing an organization to be more effective in accomplishing its desired goals. Organisational development ...view middle of the document...

The level of behavior at any moment in time is the result of two sets of forces – those striving to maintain the status quo and those pushing for change. When both sets of forces are about equal, current levels of behavior are maintained in what Lewin termed a state of “quasi-stationary equilibrium.” In order to change that state, one can either increase those forces pushing for change or decrease those forces maintaining the current state, or some combinations of both. Lewin viewed this change process as consisting of three steps.

Step 1: Unfreezing. This step usually involves reducing those forces maintaining the organization’s behavior at its present level. Unfreezing is sometimes accomplished by introducing information that shows discrepancies between behaviors desired by organizational members and those behaviors desired by organizational members and those behaviors they currently exhibit.

In Virginia suburban the black and white people were separated from each other. In April of 1971, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that ended all state imposed segregation in public schools. A federal court has ordered the integration of the public schools, for both students and teachers. This forced black and white people to interact with each other in the community, school and sport teams. Even though this change occurred the whole community were against it and they did not want to accept it. Some of the problems that occurred in Remember the Titans regarding the unwillingness to accept change were:

- The white people thought that the black people didn’t belong in their environment

- The white people thought that the black people were dangerous.

- The white people in the community faced the barrier of the black people taking over their jobs.

- The white students faced the difficulty of sharing a school with the black students and to be in the same sport team.

- The black students struggled to get into white schools.

- Black students were not allowed to go to restaurants with their family and friends.

- The black people had to fight harder for their freedom and their place in the community.

The fact that the people did not want to integrate was the major problem. The racial differences were the main force maintaining this behaviour in the community, school and football team.

Step 2: Moving. This step shifts the behavior of the organization or department to a new level. It involves developing new behaviors, values, and attitudes through changes in organizational structures and processes.

The first change that occurred in the beginning of the movie was when the black coach forced the black and white students to team up with another person from a different race to sit next to each other on the bus, eat in same hall and sleep in the same room. The force from the black coach compelled the students to learn, understand and appreciate each other, through this they realized that...

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