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Remedial Plans For Weak Students Essay

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Outcome objectives
By the end of the session teachers will:
• Recognise the signs of poor/under performance students .
• Be familiar with the reasons that stand behind getting students to be slow achievers.
• Identify what is meant by remedial teaching.
• Be acquainted with the objectives and the importance of remedial teaching .
• Be aware of the teachers' roles in remedial teaching .
• Be able to build up remedial plan similar to the suggested model.
• Recognize what is meant by the diagnostic test and its significance.
• Be able to frame a diagnostic test .

Bring in your mind one case of your slow achievers form ...view middle of the document...

They usually tend to ruin or lack the previous basic skills , which are strongly needed for building up new learning

What are the reasons that stand behind getting to students to be slow achievers ?
Pedagogical Reasons
• Student struggles with content ( curriculum ) in which it doesn't match their need or doesn’t meet their interests .
• Poor learning strategies ( teaching techniques VS learning styles ) .Students may have different abilities and styles of learning. Some are better in visual learning while others are more competent in audio learning. Certain Students have to learn through sense of touch or practical experiences. Remedial teachers, therefore, should design diversified teaching activities and adopt various teaching methods to help students develop their potential and remove the obstacles in learning.
• Practice is limited
Personal Reasons
• Stress, depression, physical illness, learning disability
• Motivation or commitment to the learning process is lacking
• No orientation or gaudiness
• No feedback/assistance provided when problems identified (or feedback and assistance provided too late)


Firstly, we would completely be aware that slow achievers can be classified into two types . One to be classified as the ones who have general weakness in all school subject .Maybe their weakness due to mental disabilities or incapacities .On the other hand, there are some students who have special difficulties or weakness particularly in English as one school subject, but they haven’t any problems with other school subject .
Since learning as a whole is a complex activity, it is more complex in case of English because it is a foreign language. It involves many skills like comprehension speaking, reading and writing. These skills, moreover, consist of many sub skills. As a matter of fact, learning of English is a continuous process i.e. learning and mastering of one structural item serves as the foundation for further learning. Therefore, each step of learning should be strong and long lasting. But as time passes, some gaps are created in the learning. Because of the law of negligence , or because some concepts are not correctly and fully understood, students tend to forget some learning. . All these drawbacks create obstacles in the process of future learning and it is harmfully affected. The causes of their underachievement should be detected and they should be set right with the help of correctives for this very purpose, the practices of diagnostic testing and remedial teaching should have been introduced to them without delay .

In medicine affording a remedy is to cure, or to treat . To remedy’ means to cure against a defect . But with reference to education field , it is an instructional reformation to students who are slower at learning than others and have deficiency...

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