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Remedial Instruction In English Essay

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This three-unit course in Remedial Instruction in English deals with the strategies and methods of contemporary English language teaching. This is geared for English language learners who are faced with difficulty in communicative competence in one or more domains. It also attempts to provide actual remediation through hands-on practice and various situational case studies.

I. Orientation to Functional Grammar
a) Parts of speech
b) Verbs & Tenses
c) Sentences Structures
Suggested Reading/ Resources Materials
Theory and Problems of ENGLISH GRAMMAR Third Edition by Eugene Ehrlich
II. How to teach English
1. Vocabulary
a) ...view middle of the document...

2. The Practice of English Language Teaching by Jeremy Harmer (Cambridge, UK)
3 units
This course is designed for students and prospective teachers to acquire a deeper perspective of the importance of reading as a necessary tool for learning the different subject areas. Particularly it is intended to familiarize the teacher/student with the different reading difficulties met by learners and to be able to help the learners with reading disabilities to acquire skills and improve their reading abilities through a functional management of the program of reading remediation and correction.

ENGL 316. Remedial Instruction in English, 3 units
Develops the students’ ability to organize, design, implement and evaluate a remedial English program in many of the four-macro skills.

Remedial Instruction in English (Teaching oral skills)

Remedial Instruction in English


MODEL # 1 – Listening and Repeating

Learner Goals: To pattern-match; to listen and initiate; to memorize
Instructional material: Features audio-lingual style exercises and/or dialogue memorization – based on a hearing-and-pattern matching model.

Procedure: Ask students to a) listen to a word, phrase, or sentence pattern; b) repeat and imitate it; and c) memorize it often, but not always a part of the procedure.
Value: Enables students to do pattern drills , to repeat dialogues, and to use memorized prefabricated patterns in conversation; enables them to imitate pronunciation patterns. Higher level cognitive processing and use; d) propositional language structuring are not necessarily an intentional focus.

Model # 2 – Listening and Answering Comprehension Questions

Learner Goals: To process discrete-point information; to listen and answer comprehension questions.

Instructional material: Features a student response-pattern based on a listening and question answering model with occasional innovative variations on this theme.

Procedure: Ask students to a) listen to an oral text along a continuum from sentence length to lecture length; and b) answer primarily factual question. Use familiar types of questions adapted from traditional reading comprehension exercises. Also called a “quiz-show” format of teaching.

Value: 1) enable students to manipulate discrete pieces of information, hopefully with increasing speed and accuracy of recall; 2) Increase students’ stock of vocabulary and grammar constructions; 3) Do not require students to make use of the information for any real communicative purpose beyond answering the questions; 4) Is not...

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