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Religious Studies In Theism Essay

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Philosophy of Culture Summary Sheet
The second module covers Philosophy of Culture. This encompasses the three main world views. These views are theism, transcendentalism, and naturalism.
First Week - Introduction
The first class covered the introduction ot the Philosophy of Culture course by having us answer seven thought-provoking questions. Each question, though simple, was worded in such a way as to make one think about it in-depth. These questions dealt with our perception of reality and our thoughts concerning life and its meaning. It challenged our religious faith and made us declare not only what we believed, but why we believed it.
We read “An Atheist’s Values”, a statement ...view middle of the document...

These who hold to strict scientism believe only in science and what can be proven through the scientific method. Existentialism, on the other hand, states that man defines himself and his values and that we are totally free regarding our own nature and destiny.
Third Week – Naturalism / Transcendentalism
This week the discussion went into more depth of the naturalism and transcendentalism beliefs.
Naturalism is the belief in that all things are material and that all there is to the universe is matter. Only those things that can be seen and proven exist.
The appeal of the belief is that science can explain all questions. Naturalists do not believe in the supernatural because supernatural influences cannot be explained or seen. They also believe the there are consequences to believing in the supernatural. Their formula for everything is “everything = matter + chance + time”.
Marxism, another form of naturalism, holds that people are of no value. The nihilists believe that “anything goes”. The existentialists believe nihilism is correct, but you have the right to fight the system if it makes you happy.
Transcendentalists believe that god is everything. Hinduism is a good example of this belief. They believe that all things lead to god. This belief accepts all religions of the world. Buddhism is a form of Hinduism. This is just another way to enlightenment. The definition of Buda is “the enlightened one”. Another group is monism, the belief that ultimate reality is one spiritual substance that god is the sum total of every person, animal, plant, rock, essentially anything that exists.
Fourth Week – Theism
This week we discussed the three main monotheistic views.
All three monotheistic views agree that the Old Testament is right, but Judaism does not agree that the New Testament is the inspired word of God....

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