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Religious Life On Planet Earth Essay

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Religious Life On Planet Earth
During my time on Earth, I have observed many strange and wonderful things. Unlike our planet where one religion exists, Earth appears to have many different types of religious beliefs and practices. Prior to coming to this conclusion, I developed the following criteria to determine if people on earth were religious:
Criteria Used to Determine if Earthlings are Religious
* Belief in a supernatural being or beings
* Prayer and other forms of communication with the supernatural being
* A clear distinction between what is sacred and what is profane
* Rituals, spiritual practices and acts of worship
* Symbols, scriptures or myths that are held as ...view middle of the document...

Practitioners of this religion believe in a multitude of supernatural beings and deities. They also engage in prayer, acts of worship and spiritual practices, such as yoga. This spiritual practice or discipline is designed to clear the mind and support a state of serene, detached awareness (Fisher, 97). Also, the Hindu’s life is wrapped up in rituals (Fisher). For example, there are sixteen rites prescribed in ancient Hindu scripture (Fisher). Some of these rites include birth, name giving, starting education, investing boys with a sacred thread, and marriage. From my observations, Hinduism has many variations and is widely practiced in what is called the Indian subcontinent of Planet Earth.
Another religion that I observed is Christianity. Practitioners of this religion believe in something that earthlings refer to as the Trinity, which consists of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Christians engage in prayer and worship as a way to communicate with the Trinity. Many also attend something that is referred to as Sunday Service. In this service, many Christians join together in worship, prayer and teaching. Strong beliefs also tend to guide the everyday activities and behaviors of Christians. I have also observed a symbol that is worn by many. It is the symbol of a cross. Many Christians hold this symbol as sacred. According to Christians, it is a reminder of the sacrifice that the Son of God made for everyone. From my observations, Christianity is practiced in many places and is based on scriptures known as the Holy Bible in which Christians believe to be the very word of God.
In addition to the previous examples, I have observed several other religions that are practiced throughout the Planet Earth as well. Many of these different religions can be observed in one area (I believe earthlings refer to these areas as countries). However, I did find that certain religions seem to be more profound and concentrated in one particular location (or area) as opposed to another. At first glance, all of these different religions were somewhat confusing to me. Until I realized that the function of all of these religions is basically the same.
The Function...

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