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Religious Life Of Planet Earth Essay

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Religious Life of Planet Earth
REL 212
26 July 2012

The term religion is coined as a particular response to dimensions of life considered sacred, as shaped by institutionalized traditions (Fisher, 2011). Religion can be associated as a group of people coming together to practice and share a feeling or doctrine of beliefs, to an individual meditating by themselves once or several times a day. Religion has become not just a practice of many people in one group, or a spiritual comfort to a singular person. One cannot simply justify what is religion just by looking at a group or a single individual. If we were to base religion off of a group, one could state that ...view middle of the document...

Fasting is a ritual in my mind. This act is done to serve as a spiritual practice in reference to a certain event or feeling that relates to their religion. Social and institutional groups bring people from all over, regardless of their stature, together to worship and serve a deity. I believe that churches, temples, and mosques serve as a place where larger groups worship. However, groups will ultimately practice their faith anywhere they have the means to. Doctrinal and philosophical frameworks are another means to support a religion. When people practice their faith based off of these two things, they make a common understanding with the world surrounding them. They can place these teachings into their everyday life to help better understand the wrong doings of mankind. This also can help them become what they believe is a better person. When coming together in a group, they can share their interpretations of such doctrines and build a better understanding, which can help them focus more on their goals they have set for themselves to better serve in their faith. Not all doctrines are written, and some are passed down verbally.
Upon my observations, I think that the purpose of religion on Earth is to assure most people that their life was spent in doing the right thing, and trying to be the best person that they could. Even with karma, one believes that if you were not a good-hearted person in this life, you will be in...

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