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The field of geography is a vast and wondrous academic field with thousands of researchers working in dozens of interesting sub-disciplines or branches of geography. There is a branch of geography for just about any subject on earth. In an effort to acquaint the reader with the diversity of the branches of geography, I summarize many below.

Human Geography

Many branches of geography are found within human geography, a major branch of geography that studies people and their interaction with the earth and with their organization of space on the earth's surface.
Economic Geography
Economic geographers examine the distribution of production and distribution of ...view middle of the document...

Political Geography
Political geography investigates all aspects of boundaries, country, state, and nation development, international organizations, diplomacy, internal country subdivisions, voting, and more.
Agricultural and Rural Geography
Geographers in this branch study agriculture and rural settlement, the distribution of agriculture and the geographic movement and access to agricultural products, and land use in rural areas.
Transportation Geography
Transportation geographers research transportation networks (both private and public) and the use of those networks for moving people and goods.
Urban Geography
The branch of urban geography investigates the location, structure, development, and growth of cities -- from tiny village to huge megalopolis.

Physical Geography

Physical geography is another major branch of geography. It is concerned with the natural features on or near the surface of the earth.
Biographers study the geographic distribution of plants and animals on the earth in the subject known as biogeography.
Water Resources
Geographers working in the water resources branch of geography look at the distribution and use of water across the planet within the hydrologic cycle and of human-developed systems for water storage, distribution, and use.
Climate geographers investigate the distribution of long-term weather patterns and activities of the earth's atmosphere.
Global Change
Geographers researching global change explore the...

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