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Religious Conflict And Politics In Nigeria: Implication For National Development

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The notion of religion suggests an attempt by man common thread to all the above perspectives, however, is to work out a relationship between humans and a super- that they all link religion to man’s physical and social ordinate or supernatural being. It was borne out of man’s environment. To this extent, it could be argued that, there endeavour to understand the supernatural in the context is largely an interaction between religion and the society of the world he lives in.
The need for political stability in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. Indeed, all segments of the Nigerian society are interested in the political future of the nation. However, this ...view middle of the document...

The Oxford Dictionary of Words defines politics as “matters concerned with acquiring or exercising power, within a group or an organisation”. Nkem Onyekpe defines the term politics as: The struggle for power which itself is the authority to determine or formulate and execute decisions and policies, which must be accepted by the society. It is defined by Onyekpe (1998) as the struggle for power of governance, especially executive authority.

1.2.3. Conflict
Conflict could be described as a situation or condition of disharmony in an interactional process. It is a situation in which the activity of one is actually or forcibly imposed at unacceptable costs, materials or psychic, upon another. Imobighe (1992) points out that conflict is not limited to any particular level of interaction. In other words, it could occur at any level of human interaction and it often manifests violent activities.
1.2.4. Violence
Violence in Social Science could take several forms: physical, psychological, social, political, economic and even cultural. In criminal law, violent acts are regarded as violent offences; violent offences in turn have been defined as ‘crimes characterized by extreme physical force or by the means of a dangerous weapon’ (Juan,1996).Simply circumscribed, Violence or a violent act involves threat or actual execution of acts which have actual or potential capacity to inflict physical, emotional or psychological injury on a person or a group of persons.
1.2.5. Religious conflict
Religious conflict is a term that has been variously defined by scholars. These definitions are diverse and they all convey the single meaning of disagreement between the two or more religious groups. Hormby (2006) defines religious conflict as a situation in which religious adherents are involved in a serious disagreement or argument with one religious group and another. This is a situation in which there are opposition in ideas, opinions, feelings and wishes. Olite and Olawale (1999) sees religious conflict as struggle over values and claims to scare resources, status and power in which the aims of the opponents are to naturalise, inure, or eliminate their rivals. This definition very much suits, or reflects the conflict between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria. Gyuse (2006) further points out that when two more persons, groups, communities or nations seek to take possession or dominate a particular object of value at the exclusion of others, conflict ensures.
1.2.6. National security
The word security has to do with freedom from danger, anxiety and fear; a situation that shows that a country is not exposed to internal sabotage or external attack (Amadu, 1989). In the broader sense, security is seen as the struggle to secure the most basic necessities of life such as food, fuel, medicine and shelter (Obafemi, 2006). Any social unrest arising from the absence of these facilities can lead to human security problems. National security in the above usage...

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