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Religions Essay

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• Chinese immigrated to many countries, including Belize, in the mid 1800s.
• They came as labourers for the economic sift in the 19th century and kept a close community of their own. They work in the plantation fields in Orange walk & Cayo.
• When the Japanese invaded china just before World War II, another influx of Chinese immigration came to Belize.
• Third & final group came in 1970s from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
• Arrived in British Honduras in 1865 where they settled in the north then later relocated to the south areas in 1866.
• The 2000 census found that 1716 Chinese people reside here in Belize and of the 1607 speak Chinese as their first language
• They are urban ...view middle of the document...

Over the next century and a half, the two peoples intermixed, intermarried and eventually fused into a single culture, the black Carib or Garifunagu.
• Notable Nigerians in Belize include historians and metal craft teachers. Contributions by Nigerians have included a number of books on Belize’s African ancestry, history, entrepreneurship and economics.
• Most Nigerians are either Muslim or Christians.
• Their cuisines include mostly of fruits, vegetables (cassava or yams), and milk & meat products.
• Fish and meat are widely eaten.
• The Nigerian clothing have a lot of tradition and culture associated with it but as can seen here in Belize the clothing type reflects a more foreign influence.
• Nigerians normally use traditionally vibrant colours like the Dashiki or the Grand Boubou.
• Nigerians manifest themselves through different form of dance, music, sculpture, art, bead work & the list goes on.
• Dance and music doesn’t only is regarded as a part of their culture but it is also used as a way to communicate. Whether it be rite of passage, birth or marriage etc. it is also used as a part of the celebrating to ward off evil and welcome good spirits.

• Lebanese migrated to Belize in the 19th century.
• They came to Belize wanting to improve their economic situation. The word had reached them that Belize was a good and calm country where they could succeed and readily engage in business.
• The first immigrants came through Mexico which had a large Lebanese community.

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