Religion What Is It ?

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This is an essay inspired by the work "Why God Wont Go Away" by Andrew Newberg, Eugene D'Aquili, and Vince Rause. It discusses the biological and philosophical reasons why the human race has been searching for a god of some form since the beginning of time, with a personalized flavor implying that the writer believes in the Christian God, but still looks at some other religions and folklore.from source:

Essay Grade: 86%Different Religions: Their Histories and Impact on People
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Religion seems to be a very difficult term to define; even religious scholars find it hard to explain. In its broad sense though, religion is a complex system of beliefs, practices, and attitudes by which people relate their lives to supernatural beings or principles. There have been many religious beliefs, and some are just extensions of some major religions.from source:

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While Islam and both Byzantine and Western Christianity all indicate a willingness to look after women, all emphasize the reinforcement and justification of these patriarchal conditions in their respective cultures.from source:

Essay Grade: 86%Religion in Everyday Life
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Examines the importance of religion and spirituality in life. Describes how religion plays a role in love. Argues that individuals who believe in God are spiritually empowered and miracles are developed through belief.from source:

Essay Grade: 78%Struggle between Good and Bad
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With religion, faith, one's will, and love, one can overcome adversity, even evil. One may question this statement, but love and religion will always show the path to purity, innocence, and happiness. from source:

Essay Grade: 86%Religion and Globalization
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Discusses how religious beliefs conflict with globalization. Contends that in today's big business, God is ignored. Debates the concept of a nontrinitarian theology of God.from source:

Essay Grade: 81%Religion, Conformity and Oppression
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Maintains that religion promotes conformity and oppression. Questions if Satanism offers freedom and enlightenment.from source:

Essay Grade: 88%Religion Journal Analysis
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Analyzes articles from Journal of Biblical Literature Volume 91, Number 3 of the year September 1972. Describes how the articles address the issue of mistranslation and misunderstandings of particular words within the bible. from source:

Essay Grade: 86%Defining Religion
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Considers precisely what constitutes a religion. Describes how some definitions, by referring to a belief in God, could exclude Buddhism; others are so all encompassing that they could include ideologies such as Marxism.from source:

Essay Grade: 85%Has Religion Become Less Important in These Days?
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Text deals with religion and its importance on the society in the 21st century.

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