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Religion: Place In The Modern World

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Does religion have a place in the modern world?

Religion always has played a role within the world, past and present. Religion has been used in ancient time; people and societies were intensely religious, they gave us practises and beliefs that are still in use today. Today religion does have a place in the modern world, with some popular religions including Christianity, Islam, Hindu and Buddhism. My opinion won’t change on how religion plays a role in my life. For people who lived in the ancient times, religion was literally a part of life.

People lead their lives be their faith, and did whatever was needed to stay on the path of righteousness. There’s no answer that will say how ...view middle of the document...

Around four in five people of the world now are religious in some way. Religion helps people connect and share their faith with one another. Religion provides ideals and set laws, which help guide a person’s life. Christianity has the Ten Commandments. These, in sense are guidelines, which help shape people to do the right thing, and to avoid any temptations and to avoid sin. Religions also allow for people to connect locally or globally for the same reason or purpose. For this reason religions are a popular part of modern culture, despite race. Religions are something that should be cherished, but for those who choose to follow with in it.

Religion does not play a role in my life, but that won’t change my opinion on religion. An individual may choose to live their life through their religion. This is a wonderful thing, which may lead them to want to have a better afterlife, and may be a moral fulfilment. Religion is ever present in modern society, with many religions existing to suit different views and cultures. These religions all attempt to teach us about love, forgiveness,...

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