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The Religious Life of Planet Earch
World Religions

Integrity is generally defined as the adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. This is the primary belief by which the inhabitants of planet Roivas live. They worship one deity, Halla and follow the principles of life as chronicled in their holy book- the Sadev. Roivasians are beings of various races that live modest lifestyles and have a strong sense of community. Although most of them are natives of Roivas, there is a large, rapidly growing population of immigrants from other worlds who came to Roivas seeking a ...view middle of the document...

They were alarmed, however; at the vast number of religions being practiced on earth. After deeper observation, they discovered that not only were there a lot of religions, they also had very different beliefs and practices. Dercas lead a discussion on the feasibility of assimilating earthlings to the climate and culture of Roivas. The team then decided to narrow their focus on how religion on earth compared to the principles of the Sadev.
Roivasians pray daily for continued peace, harmony and enlightenment. They worship and praise Halla for their happiness and health. Many of the religions of earth pray regularly to a higher spiritual being. Reasons for their prayers vary but the fact that they do pray is a positive assimilation factor. According to information obtained from,, (2010), “the religion known as Islam has over 1 billion followers who pray and meditate throughout the day”.
On Roivas, followers also fellowship two to three times a week to learn more about the teachings of the Sadev. They gather in buildings specifically designed for worshipping Halla. “This practice is very similar to that of Christianity on earth. Although this religion alone has many sub-religions, their practices of fellowship are in line for successful assimilation. They also have over 2 billion followers on planet earth” (Religion Facts, 2010).
Unlike the people on earth...

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