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A Jump Across Many Centuries
I. Background
a. Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, from Portugal in 1496
b. Given a choice to become Christians or leave
c. Three types of reactions
i. Many left
ii. Some sincerely converted to Christianity
iii. Some confirmed outwardly to Christianity but in their hearts stayed true to Judaism
1. These people were called crypto jews
2. Portuguese crypto jews are the ancestors of the first jews to settle in north America
II. Some matters of Secular History
d. Colombus 1492 in North America gave a “big boost” to European colonialism, an attempy to bring areas outside ...view middle of the document...

1st permanent dutch settlement; fort orange- 1624, on site of modern day Albany ny
ix. fort Amsterdam: founded in 1625 on manhattan island, the purchase of the latter from manhatttan Indians was finalized in 1626
x. fort Amsterdam -> new Amsterdam -> new york city
xi. the colony was taken by England in 1664 and then renamed NY
III. Back to the Background
m. Religious freedom, at the time, practically unheard of in most European countries
xii. Except the Netherlands
n. 1581 , when dutch declared independence from spain, religious tolerance, including Judaism was practiced there
xiii. ex. England didn’t object to the pilgrims plan to settle in the English colony Virginia and practice their religion there
xiv. pilgrims spent time in Holland
o. pilgrims from Portugal to pernambuco
p. north America:
xv. recall: 1548, portuguese had founded reafe
xvi. over the years, some crypto jews left for reafe
xvii. in 1630 holland captured reafe; a jew community developed under dutch rule
xviii. 24 years later, (1654) the Portuguese retook reafe, this led to the arrical of jews in north America
IV. North America: even in an area to become part of the US
q. 3 periods
xix. 1. A smaller group of jews (1654-1825)
xx. 2. Immigration of German Jews (1825-1880)
xxi. immigration of east European jews (1880-1921)
r. a small group of jews to 1654-1825)
xxii. following the Portuguese retaking of reafe, the jews living there were expelled
xxiii. some of the jews went to Holland, others to the capital of the dutch colony new Amsterdam. They dounded in 1654 the first jew community in north America
xxiv. peter Stuyvesant (1592-1672 “peg leg”)- director general of new netherland (1647-1664) wanted them to leave
xxv. 1655 appeal to the dutch west indies company was decided in favor of the jews; they were allowed to stay as long as they could “Take care of their own”
xxvi. 1st jew community (shearith Israel which meant “remnant of Israel”) which today is located in 8 west 70th st in nyc
xxvii. 2nd jew community in north America
3. 1658 jews with spanish/Portuguese roots founded the second north American jew community in Newport ri
4. they most likely came from curaco, an island north of venezuelam since 1634 goverened by the dutch
5. the oldest, still existing, synagogue in north America was dedicated by the Newport community in 1763
6. synagogue: derived from a greek word meaning “assembly” denotes a jew house of worship
7. the Newport synagogue is known as the tauro synagogue
8. named after the tauro family. Isaac was a spiritual leader of the Newport congregation
9. the jew community in ny had dedicated a synagogue earlier, in 1730, located on...

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