Religion In Health And Social Care

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|BTEC level 2 Diploma in Health and Social |Religion/Secular Belief 1: |Religion/Secular Belief 2: | |
|Care – Unit 6, Task 2 |Christianity |Buddhism | |
| | | | |
|General Beliefs/ Symbols |There is only one God. |There is not any God: Buddha was a man. | |
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|The 4 Noble Truths. | |
| |Repentance if you sin, because God will always forgive. |The Noble Eightfold Path. | |
| |The main symbol is the Cross on which Jesus was crucified|The cycle of “Samsara” (birth, life, death and rebirth).| |
| |and the Holy Bible. |Nirvana (enlightenment), represents the end of the | |
| |The Gospels are the main source of information for |cycle. | |
| |Christians. |The Buddhist way of life (Wisdom, Compassion, Kindness, | |
| | |Generosity). | |
| | |Maitreya (the Buddha to come). | |
| | |The turning of the wheel (Karma – Nirvana). | |
| | |The main symbols of Buddhism are: “The wheel” (dharmas),| |
| | |“Bodhi tree” (enlightenment), “Foot prints” (the travels| |
| | |of Buddha). | |
| | |Mudras (special symbolic gestures. | |
|Forms of worship |Christians worship on Saturday and Sunday by going to |Theravada and Mahayana. | |
| |church and taking part in other services where they sing |Meditation. | |
| |hymns and praise to God. |Celebrate the “Good Works”. | |
| |Pray each morning or evening privately in their homes. |Visit temples and shrines. | |
| |Use the Lords’ prayer to pray. |Offers. | |
| |New members are always...

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