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Religion And Movies Essay

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Religion and Movies Religion in movies is a widely talked about issue. There are several movies that have sacrilegious content, maybe even demonic. Such movies as Dogma, Stigmata, and End of Days have brought about controversy in the Catholic churches and don't portray our religion properly. But movies such as Prince of Egypt, and Jesus Christ Superstar look to the true side of God's grace and teach us about our faith. Some movies, like The Matrix have symbolic meanings in them. Each of these films stated are related to religion whether it be in a good way, a bad way or a symbolic way as is going to be stated later on. We will be talking mostly about the Matrix.Jesus Christ Superstar in my ...view middle of the document...

End of Days tries to bring out the bad side of our religion trying to state that the world is eventually going to end. This is brought up in the Book of Revelations. In this movie, the Devil comes to Earth in search of a bride and finds one but is unable to get to her. We did not like this movie because it makes it seem that God is going to destroy the world to rid it of sinners. This movie makes it seem that once signs of the end of the world are present it means that the world is going to end, when in fact we can make changes since there is no set date in the book. This movie also tries to make it look as if God is going to destroy the world to rid all the sinners, when in fact he is going to save the world from the sinners.Dogma is an even worse example of this because it tries to get cheap laughs by making fun of our religion. Albeit we did laugh at some points like there being a 13th apostle named Rufus. But it went way overboard when Rufus said that Mary isn't a Virgin. It wasn't just making fun of facts in the Bible. It made a cruel joke on one of the things that our faith is based upon.Another thing was that in the beginning of the movie, there was a Cardinal trying to promote faith by presenting a statue of Jesus with a thumbs-up and giving a sign of peace with two fingers. The Cardinal, played by George Carlin, called this statue the "Buddy Christ".The movie Stigmata looked at the experience people go through, just as Jesus did during His crucifixion. A priest is trying to help a woman during her sudden attacks of stigmatism. She would also soon become a vessel for Satan. The priest tries to help this woman by offering himself as the vessel for the demon. This movie portrays stigmata as demonic experience instead of a privilege that God gave us so that we could experience what Jesus went through.The Matrix has a variety of symbols related to our faith. This movie is based on the question: Is Keanu Reeves the Chosen One? "This is not a science-fiction, it is in fact a new genre of film-making in which special effects combined with ancient metaphor and symbol. It is spirituality fiction." This statement is true because many symbols have been brought up in this movie, whether it be mythological or Christian.The main character is Neo also known as "The Chosen One". Just like Jesus was, Neo was the prophesized one that was going to save the world. Neo was also resurrected from the dead after being mortally wounded in order to complete his task. Jesus had also resurrected so that he could complete his task of opening the gates to heaven.The Oracle was the one who prophesized the return of the Chosen One and was believe to be Neo. The Oracle symbolizes the prophets of the Bible that tell us what we need to hear, as opposed to what we are supposed to hear.Another "˜helping' character can be Morpheus because he is like a conscience in the movie. "I can lead you to the door, you are the one who has to walk through it." Morpheus clarifies...

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