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Religion And Ethnic Diversity Paper

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How does your selected religious group differ from other religious groups (such as in their beliefs, worship practices, or values)?

Judaism was founded around 2,500 (B.C.) and is one of the oldest religions in the world today. One of the biggest differences between Judaism and other religions is their day of worship. While most religions observe Sunday as their “Day Of Rest”, Judaism observes Saturday as their “Day Of Rest”. Unlike most religions, Judaism does not focus much on cosmological concepts but instead focuses on relationships: the relationship between God and mankind, between God and the Jewish people, between the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and between human beings.
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Close to 1.5 million children were killed during the Nazi regime. Children seen as a threat to German society became victims of Nazism just by being alive. In the 1930s Nazi laws were aimed at removing the civil and economic rights of Jews and other groups. In 1938 Jewish children were expelled from German schools and throughout the 1930s gypsy children were sterilized and later incarcerated.

What were the sources of this prejudice or discrimination?

The source of discrimination that was suffered during the holocaust was the Nazi regime which was led by Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was both Chancellor and Fuhrer of Nazi Germany from 1934-1945 and was at the helm of World War II in Europe and the Holocaust. Hitler’s primary goal was to create a New Order of absolute Nazi German domination. This goal included the “Final Solution” a plan devised to rid Europe of all Jews and other groups.

Does what learned about this religious group you understand it? In what ways?

Though I did learn much about the Jews and the Holocaust while I was in school as a child doing more research on this religious group has provided me with more knowledge on their beliefs and history. I’ve learned more about their contributions to American culture and their practices and shed some new light on Judaism as a whole.

How does your selected racial/ethnic group differ from other racial/ethnic groups (such as differences in ancestry, language, or culture)?

Most Asians or Asian-Americans originate from the continent of Asia. Asian Americans consist of a number of national, cultural, and religious heritages, includes at least 40 distinct subgroups, each with unique language, religion, customs, and values. Asian-Americans are of 4 major groups: East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), Pacific Islander, SE Asian (Vietnamese, Thai), South Asian (Indian, Pakistani). In their culture males are highly valued and tend to hold higher statuses in society. The women are passive and tend to be subservient to the men, perform domestic chores, and bear children. Respect for their ancestors and elderly is common throughout the Asian culture. Instead of showing care and concern through displays of affection Asians supply things for the...

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