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Religion Essay

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Around the time of 1250 B.C.E Moses had a mission to approach the Pharaoh of Egypt to let the Israelites free from Slavery. The Pharaoh of Egypt who refused to abide by this request was plagued by ten supernatural disasters of which one of them took the life of the Pharaohs first born son. During these tragedies the Pharaoh obligated by the suffering of his Egyptian people and the loss of his offspring subdued to Moses request freed the Israelites from Slavery. From this started a Journey lead by Moses for the Israelites to the place Called “The Promised Land’. All of the is now Celebrated till this day by Jewish followers and believers; an event known as “Passed Over” in which now is modern Easter.
Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea, at this point they had a hard time thinking how where they going to be able to make it across the Red Sea with no type of tools. They couldn’t go around it ...view middle of the document...

The Bible describes their form as being spoken by God as an inscription God himself wrote with his finger on two stone tablets, which God gave to Moses to preach for the people of Israel.
These historical biblical events have lead in Judaism culture a number of practices to commemorate the journey and hardships the Israelites faced during their travel. Some of the practices include the consumption of unleavened flat bread called Matzo. Which is made from only flour and water continuously mixed while baking so that it is not allowed to rise? This came from the assumption that the Hebrews left Egypt in such a hurry that they did not give the time for baking bread to finish cooking and rise, therefore the flat bread Matzo is eaten as a reminder of the rapid departure of the Exodus.
Another related practice is the “Koran Pesach” in which Jewish followers consume a young lamb or wild goat on the night of the 14th day of Nisan, with this sacrifice the group is not allowed to consume any leavened bread and is required to cut the head, feet and inner organs of the meal, carefully removing all the meat without breaking any bones once fully roasted. This meal is used to symbolize the unity of the Jewish people. “Roasting solidifies a food while cooking breaks it apart. The only way to gain true freedom is to join together and become one ( Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum).
Although there are many ceremonial practices relating to the Passover, not all of them are celebrated equally or celebrated at all. The religion of Judaism is branched in four categories which are called Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist. According to the Jewish Orthodox they consider themselves to retain the traditional practices and believes as mentioned in the Jewish Bible. These include the separation of men and women during special celebrations and gatherings. The most popular form of Judaism is the conservative branch which almost half of the United States Jewish population belongs too. Conservative Judaism maintains to the idea that the Torah came from God, but have been spread by humans and contained human components. The remaining branches of Judaism reform and deconstructionism are often more liberal and are the smallest branches of them all.

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