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Reliance Communications Essay

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reliance communicatioReliance Communication
Reliance Infocomm offers a complete range of telecom services, covering
mobile and fixed line telephony including broadband, national and
international long distance services, data services and a wide range of value
added services and applications that will enhance productivity of enterprises
and individuals.
Reliance IndiaMobile, the first of Infocomm's initiatives was launched on
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This marks the beginning of Reliance's dream of ushering in a digital
revolution in India by becoming a major catalyst in improving quality of life
and changing the face of India. It aims to achieve this by putting the power
of information and communication in the hands of the people of India at
affordable costs.
RIC is currently offering its wireless services in 1,100 towns and cities
across India.
In January 2004, Reliance Infocomm (RIC) acquired 100 per cent of the
undersea cable company, FLAG Telecom for US$ 211 million through
Reliance Gateway Net Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of RIC.
Reliance WebWorld : Reliance's strategy of vertical integration
Reliance WebWorld is the retail interface initiative of the Infocomm
juggernaut and a part of Reliance's strategy of vertical integration.
STRATEGY OF Delayed-Launch
FLAG Telecom
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