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Relevance Of Rizal To Contemporary Nationalism (Complete)

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Relevance of Rizal in Contemporary Nationalism

Dr. Jose Rizal became a national hero for a reason. He was a reformist, a novelist, a poet, a novelist, journalist, an optalmologist, and revolutionary. He sparked the 1896 revolution against the Spaniards. He gave importance to education, our freedom, promoting peace and equality, being proud of our filipino heritage, and many more. Although, while I was growing up, he was never one of my idols, or someone i really looked up to. I never really felt Rizal’s importance and presence in our culture. In fact, if not for this paper, the importance of Jose Rizal would have never crossed my mind. Dr. Jose Rizal was nothing more than another lesson ...view middle of the document...

Even in his interviews, Manny Pacquiao struggled with the English language in his interviews but still tried his best to speak it. Today, I do not know a lot of people who can speak straight Filipino without using a single word in the english language. Because of all these influences, even my idols were from the western culture. Even the music we listened to were music from the western culture. I never enjoyed listening to our local bands, musicians, artists or rappers and often referred to them as “jologs” or “baduy”. A term familiar to all of us Filipino’s meaning tacky in a negative way or often referred to those in the destitute part of society. Our music industry today is heavily influenced by the western culture. Our so called “Filipino Artists” promote the style and genre made in the western culture.
Even the clothes we wear are not of our own culture. You do not see anyone wearing authentic Filipino clothing as their everyday wear, or even Philippine made clothing. Much of the imported brands are the ones Filipino’s prefer to buy. We are all living with western influence and some of us do not even realize that we are slowly losing our identity as Filipino’s.

A number of today’s generation dream of studying abroad, working abroad, and even settling down in another country. Recalling the famous lines spoken by Jose Rizal, it made me realize how relevant Rizal’s words were referring to the youth. “The youth is the hope of our future.” This line just hit me right in the face. Here I was, taking my education for granted, not realizing my purpose and the need to serve my country. I was given this education to help others and not only to make myself happy and successful. A life lived for others is a life that is worth living. We need to have the concept of a nation. To do things that are for the betterment of the nation and to achieve common interest and goals for the nation. I do not see the sense of unity in our society. It is evident only in times when we need it most. After which, we all go our separate ways and mind our own business. We do not preserve the things that are good for the nation. We often forget about these things when we don’t really need it.

He probably had no idea that the words “The Youth is the hope of our Future” would become more relevant than it were back in his time to our youth today. A great number of the youth are educated now, compared to that of Rizal’s time and are given a voice. Educated youth that are free to achieve their hopes and aspirations. Yet, how many of us actually dream of uniting the nation, gaining back our sense of pride, and following the footsteps of our national hero? We have become so passive and complacent toward the things that happen in our society. Rizal’s statement that the youth is and always will be the hope for a better future serves as a call to us that we are the key to change and the ultimate weapon for us to strive for a better nation. Developing the youth would mean...

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