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Releasing Protected Health Information Essay

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Releasing Protected Health Information
Amanda Cantrell
HCR 210
June 25, 2012
Kimberly Kirby-Bass

Protected health information (PHI) is any kind of information that can identify a patient such as name, address, telephone number, date of birth, Medicaid number, social security number, medical record numbers, and the name of an employer (Green & Bowie, 2005). Anytime someone asks for any of this information, a consent form must be filled out and signed by the patient. HIPAA has established specific guidelines for this type of authorization form (Green & Bowie, 2005). Also, all covered entities are required to talk to the patient and inform them of how they will disclose their ...view middle of the document...

The only thing is that when conducting a review of the chart, all incident reports have to be pulled out if any were filed. Incident reports are not supposed to be filed in charts because they allow the people called to testify to review the events prior to the testimony (Green & Bowie, 2005). This is inappropriate because they should be able to remember things without having to look back at paper work and you will be able to tell if they lie or not.
Covered entities must obtain authorization from patients to disclose information to certain government agencies. For instance, in order for the Department of Social Services to obtain any of your or your child’s medical records, they have to have your permission to do this. Another organization that has to obtain consent is the Bureau of Disability Determination. In my opinion, disability agencies should not have to require consent because the purpose of filing for disability and qualifying for it depends on your medical history. If you do not give consent to disclose this information, then how are they going to determine whether you qualify or not. I think that this should fall under the category of not having to have authorization to disclose protected health information. Covered entities can access your Medicaid or Medicare, military and veterans activities, armed forces personnel and correctional institutions for inmates and personnel without having authorization.
“A covered entity may use or disclose PHI without obtaining written authorization of the individual for activities and purposes...

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