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The young man trying to figure out the opposite sex in anincredibly hard task. Although as the years go by it becomes easier whithevery relationship that goes by. Considering now I'm twenty and if I knewwhen I was sixteen what I know now, I probably could have saved myself froma lot of aggravation, frustration, and much devastation. Being in arelationship always gave me a natural high cofidence, just to know thatthere is someone that is always thinking of you and wondering what you areup to. It can be a pain sometimes but if it is than you are probably withthe wrong person.Starting with my first relationship when ...view middle of the document...

In June it ended,summertime, which made me thinkthat I really didn't know anything about the opposite sexiven after thosetwo relationships. Finding out two years later that my best fiend hadgotten together with her didn't bother me only because two years had alredypast and t that point I understood a lot more about the opposite sex and Iwould have to say that by then, from everything that I had seen,it reallydidn't surprise me vey much.The last long relationship I was in I found myself a lot lesstrusting thanks to my past experiences woth the opposite sex. Thisrelationshop lasted approximately one year. About six months into therelationship summertime arrived and she wanted to separate. I told her ifthat's what she wanted, than it was fine, and within the next two months Ihad relationships with both of her best frends. She didn't like that toomuch but we ended up back togeather somehow for another six months(stupidme!) I went from dumb to dumber becouse after we got back togeather thesecond and the last time I found out that she cheated on me just as manytimes , if not more than I had cheated on her.In conclusion, knowing what I know now , I know that I cannot trustthe opposite sex any farther than I could throw them, unless they arejust friends. Also over the years I have realized that women lie a lot tosave you from getting hut, and a lot of times they lie for nothing at all.I'm not saying all guys are any better, byt why would I care?

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